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Let’s preview 2 verses. Their both used in backing up the teaching, “Losing salvation”. One is from the old testament and other is from the new testament. It is important to listen to what I’m going to say in explaining these verses.

Old Testament NIV Bible Verse-

“May they be blotted out of the book of life and not be listened with the righteous.” Psalms 69:28

New Testament NIV Bible Verse-

“And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll.” Revelations 22:19

Few of the thing’s that Christians mess up on when they study the bible would be…

      1. They forget ‘the time’

      2. They forget ‘who’

      3. They forget ‘what’

At time’s Christian’s read the bible and think, “oh God is telling me to do this.” But that’s not the case. When reading the the bible, we need to know 3 thing’s. “The time period in history, in which the passage was written. To who was the passage written to or who was the passage talking about? Last, what is the passage referring to?” So Time, Who and What (TWW). Together We Wonder.

Psalms 69:28

Read Psalms 69:1-36

  • Written by David, so we know it had to be in David’s time period.

  • David was a Prophet, and a King. When you read this passage, you must remember about how the Jews would persecute the prophets. This psalm is speaking to God, “Save me, O God,”. David cried out to God to save him, because as you read on, he was being persecuted.

  • What now? This passage is a Prophecy. Was written by a prophet, don’t forget that. The Jewish people rejected God over and over and over and what happened? God created an new covenant throw Jesus Christ on that cross with the world. Told the Jewish people that they no longer are saved.

What then can we conclude?

      • This verse was used to tell Christians that they can loss salvation, it was really just a prophecy about how the Jewish people would loss salvation or get cut off from the promise of God or how most Christianity teaching view, the Jewish covenant between God and Jews, that which was based on the law, that ended. So, Psalms 69:28, is a prophecy against the Jewish people or covenant based upon the law. (See how there is a miss-understanding on scripture, just because half the church chosen to be lazy and not look at the surrounding verses? I can say that, because I was one of them lazy people.).

Know what though, that’s the old testament, lets look into the new testament. Maybe, surly, this teaching could possibly, stand correct? Let’s see.

Revelations 22:19

Read Revelations 1-22 (The whole Book, YES)

        • First the Book of Revelations is a prophecy book. You can also call an letter, since all the new testament books, were letters that got saved. We see that the verse says “anyone who takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and the holy city.”.

        • Knowing that the letter of Revelations was written in the new testament time period, which is also our time period. We currently are living in new testament time. The time of the Church.

        • Knowing it is the time of the church, that mean’s this verse, this letter, this scroll was written for who? The church.

        • What is this verse about or for? Read the verse before it, NIV bible. Verse 18, “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll”. It is a warning to who? A people that understand what the scroll is talking about. Question? Have you ever read revelations and say, “What is this talking about”. A-lot of people in the faith are confused about this letter, so those people are excluded from this verse. Who is included? People with the gift of prophecy. To teach prophecy or maybe a prophet. Because this is a prophecy scroll.

          • Now dig deep.

            • Say someone comes and takes away from this scroll and screw around with the word of God. Did they really loss their salvation?

              • How could a saved person on purpose, knowingly, change up the word of God? Forgive me, but they would have to be the most stupidest person alive, to screw with God and know it.

                • This leaves us to one last conclusion

                  • They are not saved. They don’t have salvation. They never received Christ. They only know the bible, but their actions are evil, and their not a living tree. Their deeds are dead, therefore their faith is dead. They don’t have the Holy Spirit to convict them of sin. Therefore, they were never saved.

                    • I know this is true. When I sin, the Holy Spirit convicts me of it. If I was to ever change up the word of God. I would be at so much non-peace. I wouldn’t be able to even sleep at night.

                    • I was a false teacher all my life, until I came to Christ at age 16. I was the kind of person this verse talks about. I didn’t feel guilty at all, I really felt I was correct on teachings. Once I received the Holy Spirit, my eyes was open, and all falsehood in me, I felt guilty of teaching. I stop teaching stuff, only that God loves and died for you and I started to study bible daily. The point is, false teachers feel their right, they don’t have the Holy Spirit conviction.

        • This verse is warning to false teachers alone. That think their saved, but aren’t. They loss salvation that they think they had, but never had. They were never saved.

Now, I can do this for every teaching on losing salvation in the bible. I won’t, because then I’ll be-able to write a book. This is only an series, so I’m going to ask you to go and research these losing salvation verses and dig deep just like I did. Who, What and Time. Read the passage verse is in. You will find that losing salvation is not referring to Christians who really are saved. In our next sermon of this series, we will cover the topic, “Can’t Loss Salvation Verses”.