Ministry Update

Earlier this year I was honored to see people step up and give so generously to the ministry. Because of the generosity of a few, we successful lunch an church plan in a Office in FarmersBanch, TX. I saw God move in mighty ways. It lasted about 3 months and then it died and I spent around a month praying in it, asking God to bring people back to it, but no one came and I considered to close it up. In the same time period, I was was asked to sworn into the US Arm Forces, and then I sign an contract with the Marine Core. I’ll be leaving soon to basic. Now it’s just day by day waiting for the next mission God is calling me to. I’m going to try to make one more sermon on here before I leave.

Please pray for me and the ministry. If anyone has any questions, please asked them.

God Bless


Keith West

Church Planter/Minister


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