God is in Control (Psalms 2)

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God is in Control (Psalms 2)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist for us to know that the world around us is falling apart. Seems like war never ends. Growing up, I remember watching 9/11 happen on tv and hearing the president talk about how we are going to find the people responsible and make them pay. Now I’m 24 and our new president, President Trump has blown ISIS up and put restrictions on North Korea. It’s a scary time to live in, all the major nations have nuclear weapons that they can wipe out any given city, state or country they want at a push of an button. Students who graduated high school just a few months ago and went straight to military, just to get college paid for, are now face with the fact that war might just be around the corner for them. Scary times in deed, in deed scary times to live in, but also, interesting times to live in. With this fear rising up in everyone heart and mind, how can we find peace in the middle of it all? All that was 2018, now two years later we hit 2020 and COVID19 is destroying lives. What can we learn from the Bible in time like this?

Read (Psalms 2)

  1. 1-3 main idea on these verses is saying that the world is rising up again God and his people. The World, “Why do the nations ….. people plot in vain”. The fact is that the God of the Bible is hated by this world and christians are also hated by everyone and it’s been going on for 2000 years, and the bible backs it up and even says, “Against the Lord and his anointed”. This “anointed” one is talking about Jesus himself. Christians are a direct line of Jesus, by his blood, if they hate him, they will hate us too. 
  2. 4-6 main idea is that God just looks at the nations and laughs. The reason for this laughter is because God say, “I have installed my king on Zion, my Holy Mountain.” It doesn’t say, “I will” or “I am going to”, it says, “I have”, it is done already. God is in-charge, no matter who comes to war against him and his people.
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So far, what going on is that all the kings of the earth are getting together to try to destroy the Creator, but the Creator is saying, “I’ve already won, I’m ruling everything as you all are plotting against me. I’m ruling over your own little plot that is plotted against me.”  

  1. 7-12 main idea is that God wins the fight. He wins the war, He WINS! Because He wins, we will in the future and even now on earth, join him in his victory. We should serve him with our lives because of this one truth.

See, the world we live is madly in love with war. The reason is because of sin, sin entered this world, then people wanted to be God, instead of accepting God. That’s why the devil is the devil. The devil was an angel, but he wanted to be God. He went to war against God with ⅓ of the angels and was cast out of heaven. We have that inner desire to be God, so we make our little thrown of success, through education, money, cars, or whatever, you name is. We all do it, but God is saying, stop trying so hard to remove God from Zion, but instead, serve him from wherever you are in life. If your a educator, serve him in education, if your a grocery store associate, then serve him in this position. I served God as a bathroom cleaner and as an US Marine and he used me in both places.

“Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.” This is a verse I will never forget. I was homeless for 3 years. I know what it feels like to go paycheck to paycheck living in my car. I know what it feels like to watch everything you worked hard for get taking away from you. I know the feeling all to real, of feeling like life is over. What got me through each night was this one fact that if I remain attached to God, reading my bible, praying and seeking him, then I am going to have all I need. I am blessed. Today I am a US Marine, I have an apartment and I work for myself. God has blessed my life. 

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