Semper Fi (Psalms 4)

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Semper Fi (Psalms 4)

Semper Fi, the Marine Corps moto. Marines use this word maybe just as much as they use ungodly words. In my first 7 months in the Corps, I notice a few things. If Marines are having an party, pizza is the main meal, if they are counting off for accountability, they shout ‘kill’ at the end of counting off, we don’t ever call food ‘food’, but chew, Morning Chew, Afternoon Chew, Evening Chew and if when shaving, if you don’t shave upward against the grain, your wrong. My favorite of them all, if it makes since, then it’s wrong. Oh and we don’t say, “We Marines”, we say, ‘US Marines’. Now I know your laughing and wondering, ‘what does this have to do with Psalm 4?’

Marines have a way of doing and saying things. They believe what they believe and nothing is changing that, their faithful to their marine standards. Semper Fi. But what about the Church. Are we as Christians Semper Fi in what we believe? Is the church nowadays just a place to go to once a week, check off a to do list and maybe if the church is having events then we’ll sign up and use them as a babysitter and drop kids off at summer camps? Do we just call ourselves a christian for the benefits of the local church, but not really live out the faith we claim to believe in?

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(Read Psalm 4)

  1. 1 is David crying out to God asking him to answer him. God wants us to talk to him, prayer is a communication tool in your own hands to speak to the creator of the universe about your own problems in life. God wants to give you relief in your trouble times, but you must form an relationship with God, through Christ Jesus.
  1. 2-3 is the main idea behind why I wrote about the Marine Corps. ‘Glory into shame’ and ‘love delusions and seek after false gods’. This is God saying, “You saying your christian, but then showing me your not christian.” Your words and actions aren’t lining up with each other. 
  1. 4-5 Makes me think of life being peaceful, nothing crazy going on. So life is all sunshine, it’s in those moments that we need to remember the Lord and not turn to evil ways, “Tremble and do not Sin when you are on your beds.” The bed is a resting place, do not turn to evil when your life is at peace and everything going smooth. And examine your life in those moments of peace, see where you fall short and strive to grow closer to Jesus in those moments. “Search your heart and be silent”. And when your searching your life, heart and find things about yourself that you can change to grow closer to God, “Offer the sacrifices ….. Trust in the Lord.” Give up those things to the Lord and Trust in him in the process. So, maybe you realize you can spend more time reading the bible, getting into an local ministry, maybe even starting a ministry, or maybe getting rid of sin in your life, Offer those sacrifices.
  1. 6-8, to understand these verses we have to remember the whole passage. David started the passage out with crying out to the Lord for his prayers to be answered. He makes his journey through a few topic, about forsaking false gods, staying faithful to the one true God throughout his life and not turning back to false gods in the good times. Don’t use God as an 911 contact, but daily have an relationship with him. Trusting God in all those times of life. David ends this chapter, that God will bring us to prosperity, that only God can make the light shine out of the darkest times. And that peace only comes from the Lord.

Start an relationship today with the Lord, turn to Jesus. He died on the cross, he took all the pains of this life to hell with him, so that you can know Him and to give you an new life, if you want to accept that.  

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