“The thought that the God of the universe has hopes and dreams for us. Now, lets be clear, God’s hopes are not wishes or cross your fingers kind of thoughts. No, they are the forward thoughts that He has for us and are as solid as His character. “

For All the King's Daughters


Well hello! Come on in and grab a seat and take a deep breath. Getting back into the routine of regular schedules is always a little hectic at our house. As ladies, we are always mindful of what we need to do next, where we need to be, who we need to contact and wondering how we can find time to breathe (let alone sit and read anything). So, I treasure that you have joined us for the next few minutes.

What do we, as women, hope for? I hope that my kids are safe, my marriage will thrive, my grocery bags won’t break in the parking lot, and my jeans will fit after the holidays! Anybody out there agree? I know you have your own list of things both serious and funny. We have been hoping it will snow, but instead we just have cold weather. Each day we…

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