Song Sunday | Oh, Lord

Inside Cup

We are going to begin the new year with a very thought-provoking song.

“Oh Lord, ” by NF

This song I found around April or so last year. When I started this series, I knew it would be a good song to use at the beginning of the year. With our focus on starting new, and becoming better.

This song hits it home.

It also is a Christian rap song. I’m not usually a fan of rap, but this song. POWERFUL! This was my first song to his work, and I am a fan.

You can also hear every single powerful thing he is saying.

NF points out the fact that we turn away from God, and then become angry or confused at Him when He doesn’t answer or protect us. He mentions God cannot answer prayers when no one is praying to Him.

We want change, but we won’t…

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