Real Truth in Real Time

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been on lately with the Psalm devotions. School and work, have been wow this past week.

I wanted to talk about something really fast. We all know about the preachers who live in million dollar houses, fly jets and just live like kings.We can almost look at them and just think, “What, Why is that preacher living like that? Why isn’t he giving all that money to the poor or towards ministry?” Jesus said that we need to stop looking at other people and look at ourselves.

I want us to look at ourselves for a minute. Let look at where we live. Our houses with A/C and Heaters, an kitchen, back yard, electricity and the House it self without all that is a master piece.

Now Look at other places like India and Africa, No A/C, No Heater, No Kitchen, they never heard of an back yard, and we got water, we play in water, they don’t got water. In some places water is like gold.pexels-photo-462358.jpeg traditional-african-houses


We are Rich people. Before we point the finger at those preachers with nicer houses then us and with jets, we need to see were we stand on the scale. How much do we weight?


India VS USA… $1 = 64 Indian Rupee

Africa VS USA… $1 = 360.00 Nigerian Naira (One of the states of Africa)

Me and you are wealthy people in the worlds eyes. We can’t be looking at these millionaire preachers and try pass judgement on them. When we  ourselves are pretty much in the same shoe there wearing.





3 thoughts on “Real Truth in Real Time

  1. Great post, Keith. While I was in Cuba we went to some of the cities, and just looking at their houses made you think about how much you have compared to them, and how rich you must seem to them. And even hearing how little they make in a day makes you feel bad for how much money you make in an hour! So what I learned from that trip was that you have to be grateful for what you have and you don’t always need more.

    • Thanks Kaitly, I use to get email from people in india and they told me that my min. wage income could feed 3 families, that made me want to look into it to see more deep. If we make like 30k per year, we are considered the world’s top 2% riches. It’s crazy what we have and I think more people who be more generous if they understood that. Hopefully this post catches a few eyes.

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