One Head and One Body (1 Cor. 1:10-17) Part 2

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One Head and One Body

Be United in Mind and Judgement (Cor. 1:10)

It is so easy for us to read the letter Paul wrote to the Corinthians and pass a righteous judgement on them, because they were divided. How many times do we find ourselves divided with each other. I’m a Baptist, well I’m a Methodist, that’s find, I’m going to keep on being a Lutheran and then you have the “Oh I’m not sure what to believe, I’m just non-denominational.”. Truth be told, that is exactly what going on with the Corinthian church, that why Paul took the time to write this letter. We are so drawn to this idea that we have to be called something to stand out. What about, “I’m a Christian.”? What about instead of saying you believe this or not denominational standard, you just open the bible and take it as it is? But even that is hard. Truth be told, I try dating a pentecostal believer, our belief systems were so different. She believe you needed to do X Y and Z to be accepted by God, but I just don’t believe that and we both take the bible as a reference. When it comes down to that, you need to return to the basics of the faith. And that is that this is a free gift from God, we are accepted by God not because what we done, but by what he has done, is doing and will do.  

I want to leave this as a Goal, not just for today or tomorrow or once in a live time. Let’s be a people what are known for being One In Christ. As Paul said, “Is Christ Divided?”.

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