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1 Meal, 1 Bible, 1 God – 1 on 1 Conversations with homeless people throughout DFW, reaching them with the Love of God, giving them hope in Jesus to keep on moving. Would You Join Me?

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Before joining the US Marines, I, Keith West, was homeless. I slept in a mega-church parking lot, called Watermark, for 9 to 12 months. Watermark Lead Pastor Todd Wagner got on stage one day and told the church, he was devoted to making sure non of the members in that church were homeless, during this time in my life, I was a member of that mega-church. I was in community and my group knew I was sleeping in my car. No one offered any help, they spent more time talking about how I have all these poor financial choices I make. Like buying fast-food. Try sleeping in your car, in the winter time and not desire a hot meal. Some night’s the cops woke me up asking me questions. Wanting to check my background. I was treated like a criminal at night. My membership status with the church was the only reason I was able to stay and sleep there. I was asked to just leave the parking lot before 7am so the other members of the church wouldn’t see me. I remember one morning being woken up by the cross-fit leader asking me to move my truck so they could work out there. I always wonder, why didn’t He ever ask me if I needed help?
In the day time, I was a Support Manager at Walmart. I was in charge of the backroom, grocery sale-floor. My main job was to be the eyes and hears of my bosses. You may be wondering, how did a support manager become homeless? It was when I was 20 years old, I lost my apartment, due to a roommate that didn’t pay his half of the rent. I struggle trying to make ends meet. I struggle so much those 6 months. It lead me to a point in my life that I lost all my money I had saved, my credit score was destroyed. My truck I had was up for repossession. My credit card was charged off. Before I met this roommate, I had perfect credit, I had a promotion on the way, I had everything, everything you could desire in this life. Then life hit me and it hit me hard and through this I learn so much about money management. I learn so much about trusting people you don’t know and I learn so much about what it means to hold on to God in the hard times.
I have always had a heart for the homeless. I never thought I would homeless. I learn so much about how others see you when your homeless. The judgement people pass on you. Even a pastor of a mega-church looking down on you. That brakes my heart to pieces. We are called to be a light in the darkness. One way to be that light is by going into the darkness. The homeless population in Dallas, TX and the surrounding cities in the DFW Area is only growing. People are hopeless and have given up on life. The reason is because they don’t have a God who gives hope in the mist of hopelessness. My faith in God has carried me these past few years. Facing homelessness 2 times. I guess God said, “Nope, you didn’t learn your lesson.”

The Plan,

1 Meal, 1 Bible, 1 God, 1 Conversation

Here the plan, 1 meal, 1 bible, 1 God. I want to have one on one conversations with homeless people over a meal, a meal where they will tell me their story and then I tell them my story with the Gospel attached into it and at the end of the meal I will give them a chance to accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and give them a BOLD PRINT Bible and also a flyer with resources that they can turn too.
Since I’m only one person, I’m not going to try to create a entire ministry in every possible area, their are other ministries that are way more equip in other areas of service. I simple would like to be a hand reaching out to different people. When you donate towards this outreach, your going to help people find God during a hot meal conversation. In stead of giving your money to the folks on the corners, donate it here.

Serve With Me

Would Love a Team

I need a Board of Directors to be able to make this a official Non-Profit (501 C-3).
Requirements… Either Have education or experience in ministry, through a local church. If you don’t have either one, be willing to go through a free ministry training through Christian Leaders Ins., an online world class seminary. I do need a Finance Chief. This person need’s to have creditable experience at a local church in the finance department.
Please understand that this is a New Ministry Outreach, So I’m going to need people who are willing to do this for free in the beginning stages of this ministry. That is why it is highly important you have a heart for this area of ministry.
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Keith West

I'm just another sinner, another mess up person in this world. I know the Power of God and want everyone in this world to know the power of God to.

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