Substance Abuse

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Substance Abuse
When I first started preaching to people 10 years ago. I would almost condemn people who were into drugs and alcohol, but over the years I really come to this truth that it’s hard, it’s hard to put the drink down or stop doing drugs, not because I been there, but maybe with coffee I been there. Coffee is my drug, I drink like 3 cups a day.
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God see’s me over here drinking Coffee 3 times a day, as the same level of sin as a person over there drinking beer, wine, liquor. There’s even a word for it, though it is a sin, this sin we call “substance abuse”.

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I say that because a-lot of times, we can judge other people for doing drugs, or drinking to much beer, but what about us? Do you like starbucks a-little to much? How about that chick fil a? We get so caught up in the ‘Right vs Wrong’ mindset, but by our own standards. What about God’s Standards?
Next time you see a guy on the street corner and you think your more righteous than him, because you don’t do drugs, maybe he more righteous than you because he knows he is a sinner.
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Keith West

I'm just another sinner, another mess up person in this world. I know the Power of God and want everyone in this world to know the power of God to.

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