TOP 3 The Bible & U.S. President: Donald Trump

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3 Biblical Things About the US President Donald Trump
1) Born on June 14, 1946, 700 days before Israel became a nations on May 14, 1948. That day there was a blood moon.
(On #2, I think, take it with a gain of salt)
2) He Declared Jerusalem the Capital of Israel and on May 14, 2018 he moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem. That was the 70th Year Anniversary of Israel being a nation. In Ezra 1 we read about King Cyrus doing this same thing about 2500 years ago. We read about this Happening in Rev. 12:14, the Woman (Israel) was given wings of a great eagle (USA) for 3 and a Half years. (I think, take it with a gain of salt) That means USA relationships with Israel will end in Nov of 2012, taking a guess.
3) During Trumps Mid-Term, at the mid-night hour, so 1 hour there was a Blood Moon over the United States. This was on Jan 20-21. This President has received a new name, “The Blood Moon President”.
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