New Life Offer

I read my FBI Background Check 3 weeks ago. I was looking at the criminal background check they do, part of pre-employment for the Marine Corps. I saw it in writing, “Charge: 2nd degree Felony”. I was about 10 years old.

Today, I’m a US Marine Reservist, I am a pastor to some, preacher to others. I was a support manager in 2 Walmart Store’s for a total of 4 years. First one in my family to graduated high school.

It was all God though. God changed my life and rewrote my story. I’m not perfect, I got my first traffic ticket 3 days ago, because I’m stupid. If there is anything that I want people to know most of all, that in Jesus, you can find freedom, hope, peace and most of all a New Life. God gave me that New Life and it’s been a Awesome Life. He wants to give you that new life too.

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