4 Points For Same Sex Relationships

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4 Points for Anyone Wondering These Same Questions.
Someone message me last night asking, “Will I not be accepted into heaven for being lesbian? And do you as a person hate people like us? I thought God accepted and loved every one?”
Those are hard questions to ask, but here are very easy answers to each question. Here are 4 Points…
1) We are all sinners and need Jesus. We all have sinned against God. Without Jesus, no one can get to heaven.
2) When it comes to same sex feelings that lead to same sex sex and same sex marriage, I have to make this clear, God didn’t create you that way. Because of Sin, some people have mental health issues that make them think that they like the same sex, but this is not the way God designed you. God tells people not to be in these kind of relationships because he knows that your get AIDS and HIV, which will hurt you and others around you. Your using your body in such away that it wasn’t design to be used. Sexual Wants for Same Sex, is a Mental Disorder, because of Sin.
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3) God doesn’t hate you, he loves you so much he died on the cross for your sin, he went to the cross, dying a painful death, just so you can find forgiveness in Jesus and be found righteous when you stand before God.
4) Christians don’t hate you. If anyone hates you because of your sin, they are not Christian. We as the church are called to love everyone, even our enemies. If you think the church hates you, time to find a new church home or sit down with the pastor of your local church and talk through the pain and hurt.
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I'm just another sinner, another mess up person in this world. I know the Power of God and want everyone in this world to know the power of God to.

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