Do Aliens Exist? (eBook)

Have you ever wonder about Aliens? As Christians we learn from church that Aliens don’t exist. We also see military bases like Area 51 doing top secret stuff and their known for their Alien space-ships that have been spotted. Do Aliens Exist? If they do, why doesn’t the bible talk about little green men flying around in spaceships? In this 5 page eBook, I take you on an adventurer into the world of the Bible and the world of Science, to see if it is possible these two worlds intersect each other. 

Read this 5 page eBook for be ready to defend your faith against those who might use Alien Existence to discredit your witness for Christ.

Also, it only cost $2, all the profit made off this ebook will be put back into this ministry, so Keith West, can keep reaching people for Christ, in Dallas, TX and around the world.

Do Aliens Exist?
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