Why Do We Sell Books?

Why Do We Sell Books?

I have a huge heart for ministry and desire to equip God’s people. One of the major issues I am having in doing ministry is having money to do ministry. It’s hard to operate a ministry that has no donations. Even though we have a donation button, no one ever gives. For the past 10 years I have used my own money for a website, ads, bibles and other things like meals for homeless, to try to reach as many people for Christ as possible. 

The reason receiving donations is hard is mainly because we are an online ministry and not a registered ministry. So when you give towards our ministry, you can’t write it off on your taxes. I have been trying to form a team for years, but that is a hard thing to do, because finding the right people for a ministry is very different from finding the right people for a business. I decided a long time ago, I would write books and try to create a stream of income from book sells that I would use to help me operate this ministry. 

If you notice, I say “we”. Even though I’m by myself. I believe that God will once again, like he did in the past, 3 times, give me a team again to push this ministry to the next step. So Yes We here at DayOfPsalm/JesusAloneSaves thank you for your support, when you donate or buy a copy of one of our books.

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