Set Apart (Romans) (The Great God Size Calling )

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The Great God Size Calling

Read: Romans 1:1-7

The next few weeks we will be looking at 7 Marks of a Men and Woman of God. These marks are very basic when it comes to what to look for in a Christian. 

A-lot of time’s we tend to look at other people’s walk with God and make a Judgement. I met a girl on Christian Mingle a few weeks ago, she asked me if I read the bible everyday, I was honest and said no I don’t. I used to, but I don’t read it everyday. Now I personally recommend reading the bible everyday. It a tool that you can use to grow closer to God. I share that because we all do this, we look at other’s walk with God and make these judgements about how close they are to God. Personally, I don’t read my bible everyday, because it sets a fire in my heart to write a whole book or sermon series about Walking With God. Guess how this sermon series got started? I started reading  everyday, then President Trump kills a Top Iran Commander and since I’m in the US Marines, I was like, “is this ww3? Are we going to war now?”. Then everyone around me started asking me if ww3 was going to start. At that, I got on my knees and started praying, “God use me, use me one more time.” God has a Plan for your Life, are you going to allow him to use you, one more time?

Question: Did Your Encounter With Jesus Change Your Life?

Paul took that calling. Paul was known as Saul. He was killing christians when the church first started around 40 AC. You can read about it in Acts 9. He had an encounter with Jesus and that encounter changed his life. It changed the direction of his life, the mission of his life and everything about his life. His people group around him changed. His name even changed. 

When you came to Christ, maybe as a little kid, did that change your life or was just an add on to your life? Jesus isn’t some sugar you throw into a cup of coffee for some taste to your morning drink. A-lot people treat Jesus like he just a percentage of their week, not even, percentage of their Sunday, if they have time. When we encounter Jesus, it should change our lives, words, actions, people group. You should be losing old friends and gaining new friends and church service should be more important than bar service. If you say you encountered Jesus, but your life just looks the same as it did before you “Encounter Jesus”, then you didn’t encounter Jesus. It just had a spiritual high. 

Question: How do we know that we encountered Jesus?

Mark 1: Set Apart

In Romans 1:1, Paul writes to the church in Rome, he calls himself 2 different names, servant and an apostle of Jesus. He then says, “Set Apart for the Gospel of God”. We can easily think, “Oh, but that’s Paul, he is like a super christian, I’m not a super christian.” Paul was a murderer and even after coming to christ he struggled with sin just like me and you. He was no more christian than us. God just had a different plan for his life than for your life or my life. 

Being set apart by God is a big deal. Paul writes that God has a plan to set us apart from the rest of the world before Jesus was even born. All through the Old Testament God promised the prophets that a Savior was coming to save the world from sin. All the way back when God kick adam and eve out the garden, God promised that a Savior would come. In verse 3 it says that Jesus was Flesh, Human, Fully Human and then in verse 4 Paul says Jesus was Spirit of Holiness, so Jesus is Fully God. Jesus is both Fully Human and Fully God. How can this be? Well, Jesus had no sin, sinless human.  Whatever pain your feeling from the hardships of this life, Jesus knows the pain. He was Fully Human. He knows what is like to see loved ones die and to have friends betray him.

Obedience of Faith 

Being Set Apart is a big deal. This deal consists of a grace that we received and apostleship. In our times, 2020, that means nothing to us. In those times, to be called out to follow someone and be their apostle was a huge deal, that was like the peak of spiritual calling. God isn’t just calling us for some spiritual peak, he calling us to follow him in a mission that will change the world. The way we do that is not by starting churches, bible studies or becoming a priest. The way we become Set Apart for God’s Kingdom and his calling, the way we achieved this first mark of a Christian Lifestyle is by reading the Bible and Following what it says and this is what is called, The Obedience of Faith. 

Seek God Know God, Open Bible, Pray and Follow Jesus.

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