Romans 1:8-15 (Bible Study – LIVE) (Without Ceasing) – The Great God Size Calling

So we are called to be set apart. Set apart from the people and nations around us. That is a mighty call that God has placed on my life and on your life. When I was reading Romans 1:8-15 to get ready for this message, I wanted to set us up stones of remembrance that we as believers can stand by. Here are the next 5 marks of a Christian Life. Remember Mark 1 was the be Set Part….

2) Thankful Heart – Romans 1:8

Mark 2 is have a thankful heart. The heart is maybe the most important part of a person. Physically it’s the organ that flows our blood throughout our bodies and it keeps us alive. If we eat wrongly, we could damage the blood. What we consume in our physical body could affect our blood. In the same way, what we consume in our spiritual body could affect a lot more than our physical condition, it can have a direct impact on our emotions. So when it comes to Romans 1:8, having a Thankful Heart, we achieve this by our thinking, showing the way we think about yourself and others. So if your not Thankful, then I would ask the question, “What are you consuming spiritually?”. Does Your Walk With God include reading the bible and praying. Turning to God in both bad and good times. These will determine if you are having a thankful heart.

3) Those Around See Your Faith – Romans 1:8

Mark 3 works with Mark 2. Those around you see your faith. A Men and Woman of God will be known by those around them as being a men and woman of God. Your faith isn’t mint to be something you hide under a rock. Jesus said, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14. 

Yesterday Kobe Bryant was killed. Everyone was mad at me though, because I made a statement that he wasn’t a Christian. He didn’t know Jesus. I looked up his twitter, I googled his name. I found nothing that said that he believed in Jesus. I found a post from a cathlic priest that said that he had a turning point because he knew God was in control. Which God? Allah, budha, one of the romans greek god’s? There was a statement that the priest told Kobe Bryant, the priest told him that, “God won’t give you more than you can handle”. That was Kobe Bryant Turning Point. The problem is that statement isn’t a biblical statement. God will give people more than they can handle, it’s part of growing closer to God. If Kobe was a believer, I sure don’t know about his faith status, nobody knows, but I do know one thing, he was a great basketball player that in 100 years from now no one will remember his name or what he did. Your faith needs to be evidence to those around you. If he was a Believer of Jesus, he would have used his platform to reach people, but as far as I have seen through research he didn’t. Artist Kenya West Did, Football Player Tim Tebow Did. BasketBall All Star Kobe Bryant Didn’t. Don’t allow the fame to be more important than your faith. Shine your Light to the World around you. Don’t waste your platform. Don’t waste your life. That is the 3rd mark of a believer. 

4) Prayer Without Ceasing – Romans 1:9

I’m not married. I wish I was, but I know enough to know that if I do get married my wife would love it if I spend time with her. God is the same way, we can spend time with him, in his word and also in prayer on our knees. The whole book of Psalm in the bible is just a 150 different prayers to God. 

Sometimes we pray and God doesn’t answer or God feels far away and those will get us to stop our prayer life. We have to keep on praying and keep on our knees. 7 years, I have been praying for a wife. Is it helpless? Yes. Do I give up? Yes. 7 years is a long time to hear silence from God on this topic. He answers other prayers, but not this prayer. I have had dreams of holding a baby in my arms and other dreams of a woman. I believe that God is messing with me like he did Abraham. Don’t stop praying and asking God and talking to God. Just all day long pray in your heart. Prayer has given me peace over the year when I faced job-loss, homelessness and in the Marine Boot Camp. I prayed that 3rd month and God gave me this supernatural strength at the end, everyone in my platoon kept asking me how I was able to not fall out during the hikes on the crucible. I stayed in the front of the platoon the whole time and never fell out. It was God. God will use your prayers to strengthen you in mighty ways.  

5) Desire to Strengthen the Body of Christ – Romans 1:11

One thing I hate about the online way of preaching is that the church attacks everyone that stands up to preach. I had a guy the other day post a comment on my youtube video about the tribulation, calling me a liar, for saying that that the tribulation is the time God will deal with the Jewish People again. Daniel 9 is clear that God will deal with the Jews again during those 7 years. I’m not lying and a lot of Biblical Scholars with Master Degrees will say the same thing. If you scan through comments on christian post on facebook, you will find people attacking each other on things in the bible. The church is extremely split over the topic of the rapture. As believers, we can not be focusing ourselves on silly arguments. We need to stick together and strengthen one another. We are not competing against each other, we are on the same team trying to reach people for Christ.   

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