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Okay, so I been trying for a while to find away to pull money in from and for this ministry. Been going out of pocket for about 10 years now. The ministry getting to point that I’m spending 15 hours a week doing stuff with it. Even have a team that helps on facebook.

So first, you can subscribe to this blog on top and help fund the ministry that way, or you could join Patreon and support that way.

Or last, I sign up with Amway and if you buy products from this link you can support the ministry that way.

Both my laptops stopped working weeks of each other. I’m waiting for a new laptop to come in mail. So this post looks bad. I’m on my phone typing this.

Your Support is Appreciated! All money made off these resources will always be going towards ministry efforts.

If your interested in joining my Team with Amway and creating your own Amway business, feel free to contact me and I’ll take to you on it through email and/or zoom.

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