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Single & Lonely


Single & Lonely


Read – Ruth 1:1-5

Naomi knows very well what it is like to watch people who she loved so much die. She watched her husband die and then later her sons die. Just in verse 1, we learn there was a famine in the land when this took place. It’s like one thing after another. Nothing seems to be going right for Naomi. Life seems hopeless, first the famine, then her husband dies, and then her kids. Insult to injury. 

Do you feel like that sometimes? Feeling like life is just pushing you down and making it even harder for you to get up? You’ve been looking for a spouse for 2 years, 2 years turns into 5 years and soon you look back and 10 years have passed away, you’re still single, no kids. You are tempted to go do it your way. Emotions play a role too and you feel sad sometimes angry other times. Naomi knows this same feeling and experiences this same heartbreak. That’s why I think we can learn a lot from Naomi’s life as we search for our wife or husband. 


New Land

Because of the Famine, there was no food/work in Bethlehem during this time. And it says it was the time of the judges, God was sending people, called judges, these are like warriors, that would deliver God’s people from oppression. So we see this as a time of oppression and famine. It was a really nasty time to be living in if you were God’s chosen people. So because of these two factors, Naomi’s family leaves Bethlehem and go to the Land of Moab. Verse 2 says they settled in the Land of Moab. 

Our Singleness can feel like famine and sometimes oppression. We feel like God has forgotten us. He has not forgotten us, not at all. It is very possible that we are currently looking for a relationship in the wrong spot or place. Just like looking for a job or food in Bethlehem was the wrong spot or place for Noami and her family to be looking. It’s very possible it’s time for you to find new land to settle on. 

What that may look like is finding a new church, looking on a different dating website, looking for Christian Believers on Plenty of Fish is going to be pretty hard to do, trying a Christian website might be better. Searching on Plenty of Fish as a Christian is like Naomi searching in Bethlehem for food or work in a time of famine. Christians will have a very hard time finding what is good on a site that the world uses for what they think is good. 

It’s also possible that we are not Christians. A Lot of people like to wear the Christian name tag, but when challenged to follow Christ, they come up with reasons why they can’t do it right now. It is just maybe time for you to settle on a new battleground, a Christian battleground, with a bible and prayer, on your knees. This seems to be a big reason why people in the USA can’t find anyone to marry. A lot of Christians here just are not Christian. Think of it this way, you’re looking for someone to walk with God with, not to go to church with. The two are hugely different. One is a lifelong commitment to building your relationship with a believer on the principles of God’s Word and the other is just to go to church together on Sunday and have simple lives and not bring God involved into it. 


Your Not Really Alone

When we read these 5 verses in Ruth 1, verse 5 makes it seem like Noami was all alone, but she wasn’t. Noami’s sons married two Moabite women. One was Orpah and the other Ruth. Noami had a community around her. Single Christians on Facebook is your community around you. Your Church may have a singles group that you’re part of. Maybe you have a few single friends. Just look around and see the people you have around you, you’re not alone. There are others that are with you in this and maybe experiencing the same pain that you are experiencing. In these times, draw closer to those God has put around you. Don’t just stay in your own little corner. Join a Community Group like Single Christians on FB or one in your local church. Having other believers around you is an important key to getting through this singleness season and also other seasons, like the death of a loved one. We are made for one another. We are made for Community.

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