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Future Ministry Mobile App Update


Hello Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by and reading. So I’m creating a Mobile App currently. This App with me a Single Christians Mobile App. It’s going to be connected with all points of the ministry. Day Of Psalm, Bold Biblical Preaching, Single Christians Community. I am looking into making a very special type of chatroom that I don’t think exist on any other platform. The idea for the chatroom is so special that I might not say anything until it’s ready. I’m also going to have the Bible Gateway and Bible Hub connected on the App, so you can be able to access those sites through this Mobile App. I am still thinking of more ideas about it. I am also thinking about starting up a Christian Community, sort of like the Single Christian Community, not sure yet if I will do that.

In the Comment Box Below, let me know what you would like to see on the App. I will be creating two different apps most likely, one for the Single Christians Ministry Community and the other for the General Ministry. They will be similar, but differently similar.

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