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Wisconsin (*Rough Draft*) (More Coming…)


Recently moved to Wisconsin, I’m going to write a book about how I got from living in Dallas Texas to now I’m in a small town in Wisconsin

(Spelling and Grammer mistakes are in here, this is just a rough draft of a book I’m working on. Read it and comment below, more coming…)

What do you think when someone tells you that God spoke to them or that God told them something? You probably think that either (A) they there incredibly stupid, or (B) they are mentally insane. Let’s be honest, God, the creator of heaven and earth, coming done to have a conversation with you and me, really? What if just what if this creator called you out by Name? We see this happen all through the bible, God called Samuel by name in the middle of the night, he called Mary by name, he called Saul by name, it was always twice that he would do it, “Samuel, Samuel”, “Saul, Saul”, imagine for one minute he called your name out as he did mine in 2016, “Keith, Keith”. I wish it wasn’t true, but it’s true. Here is the story…

When I was 19, I had it all. I mean I had everything you could ever want, money, honor, power, and even a woman. I watched my life fall apart in 2013 or 2014, don’t remember the year, but I was 19. Ashley and I broke up, she was my motivator in life at the time. I was looking forward to a future with her. I was working so hard to make sure we had the financial means to survive long term. That hard work turned into a promotion and I saved all the money I made. I had about $10k saved up by 20 years old. When we broke up, I was depressed, so I didn’t find a way to get out of the depression, so I accepted the management position at Walmart and got a 2004 Chevy Truck along with an apartment. 

Well, after watching Ashley get stripped from my life, I started to rebuild and I got a roommate. Edward, my boss recommended this guy to be my roommate so I can cut my living expenses in half. When Edward moved in, he didn’t once pay his side of the rent and I couldn’t get him to leave. He ended up getting fired from work for not showing up to work. He was eating all my food in the refrigerator while I was at work. Used my electricity like crazy running up my bill. He hosted parties in my apartment while I was gone. He then invited his girlfriend to come to stay there. It got way out of hand and I was so close to hurting this dude. It’s a long story, but because of him, I ended up spending all my money trying to pay all our bills, my credited card ended up getting charged off in this time period, and my truck got put on the repo list. Then after those happened, I got evicted from the apartment complex, and I lost a court battle. It was not a good season to be living in. I was 20 years old. My stress from personal life was pouring into my professional life and my job got put on the line I ended up walking away from that manager position due to the amount of stress I was facing and I got a job in construction. My life got flipped upside down. 

I learned a few things from this season of life. Don’t get an apartment with anyone else. Make sure to pay something on your credit card, even if it’s 20 dollars each month. Disconnect your personal life from your professional life. When I’m at work now, I forget everything going on at home. Rent is your #1 bill, the car is your #2 bill and everything else is 3rd in place. I learned tricks with credit too because of this season. Like you can miss 5 payments on your credit card, but 6 misses and it will be charged off. Not that you should miss 5 payments. A lot of bills have what is called a grace period, but your Rent, even if it has a grace period, you might be charged a fee for missing the due date, so don’t miss your rent payment. 

Well, because of these things that happened, I ended up moving back into my mom’s house. I was paying her $800 a month and I was living in the garage, which we called “the backroom”. I hated living in there because there were spiders everywhere, all the junk the family didn’t use in the last 30 years was still back there. It had this weird smell to it. Dusk covered the room, so you would be coughing all the time. If it was cold outside, you better bet that room was freezing cold. If it was hot outside, it would be even hotter in that room. 

I didn’t want to live like that anymore. I was getting so tired of it. I was searching for an apartment to rent out and I kept getting denied because I owed $3000 to the last apartment I was living at, but not sure exactly why, don’t remember, but I was unable to pay back the apartment because I didn’t make enough. I asked my mom one day if I could pay back all the debt I owe and then after pay her back to money I owe her. She told me, “No, forget about all the debt you owe and pay me my money”. I knew from the bible that we shouldn’t have debts as christians, so I tried to find away to pay by the money I owe and pay my mom rent also. Well, not sure why, I just remember during all this time, actually I do remember, the construction job I had paid me enough money to caught up on my 6 months of miss car payments and still pay my mom, and then after those 6 months, I wanted to become an electrical technician, so I went back to school and quit the construction job. Still needed a job and I thought, “maybe walmart”. I didn’t want to be a manager again, I just wanted to stock freight at night until I finished school. School was 9 months. That was the plan, until I run out of gas money, couldn’t get to the school and then the school unenrolled me. 

Now I was back at Walmart, 20 years old, officially a college drop out, my finiancal status was screwed. My life was hopeless, like there was no coming back from that. I felt like God just forgot about me. While stocking products was this walmart, I thought back 6 months before I was incharged of 5 departments, with an career in my hands. Now I’m stocking freight, no career, no money, no friends or family, my love of my life was gone. Around this same time, Iwas having dreams. This are the dreams…

  1. I had a dream that I was holding a baby in my arms and I was smiling and so happy. I still remember that dream. 
  2. That same week, I had another dream, I was hugging a woman and I was so happy that she was in my arms. 
  3. This 3rd dream was little the same week, because I remember that week I prayed and told God directly, “I will never touch a woman”. That night I dreamed I was in bed with a woman. 

Those dreams were in 2015, in 2013 at the end of high school, a few months before I graduated, I had this dream…

I dreamed I was in the living room of my mom’s house and my family was in the likeness of snakes. They were surrounding me like dogs and jumping up to try to bite me. I lifted my foot up to step on the head of the snake that represented my stepdad and before I was going to step on his head, the roof of the house lifted up and I saw clouds, and I heard a voice say, “Do not destroy your family, for your time has come to go to New Jersey.” After that I say myself getting onto a airplane and then getting off of a airplane. After that there was a unknown length of time and then I saw at the end of that unknown length of time was a woman and in each hand was a child. 

At that time in my life I was dating Ashley, she lived in New Jersey. I had bought the plane ticket and was planing to move from Texas to New Jersey to go start my life with her. The plans failed and we broke up. During that same time, my step dad was my greatest enemy. He persecuted and attacked me between the ages of 16 til I was 18, because of my faith in Jesus. I was considering calling CPS on my parents to have my little brothers taken away, because of the hursh treatment I recieved this 3 years. I felt like that dream, that God told me not to do that. 

The whole dream was so complex, it couldn’t of been just any old dream. I believe it was from God. I believe that dream was God’s promise to me that I would go through a season and afterwards I would get married and have kids. It’s 2022 right now. 9 years, never slept with a woman, I’m 28 years old, single, and a virgin. About a year ago, I had an dream that i was looking inside a church and there was a wedding ceremony about to begin and my marine friend was dressed up in a black suite where the best men would be at. 

Well, back to the story. I was at this walmart thinking aeverything was over. I thought my life is ruin. Until one day, Orlando, the Asst-Manager from the last store I was at walked into this new store. He saw me stocking freight and he asked me what Iw as doing at this store. I asked him what he was doing there and he told me that their closing that store down to open a bigger store across the street. He also told me that they need Support Mangers to fill in at that store and he was going to recommend me to be one of those Support Managers. After that conversation, my name started going around the store and everyone from the maintenance workers to the co-manager where all urging me to apply for Support Manager. I didn’t want to. I was done with management. I just wanted to be left alone. 

One day the store manager came up to me and told me that I was a worthless employee and wouldn’t amount to anything. It got my upset, so I told the store manager the resume and where I came from and who I was and he was surprised and a week later I was incharge of half of the new walamrt supercenter. I feel like the store manager was tried of waiting for my application for the support manager position, so he came and said that to me, in order to motivate me to apply. Anyways, that month, I went from “my life is ruin” to “am I really incharged of half the store?”. I was 20 years old. 

Later on after I was promoted, I was still living with my mom and i hated that I was so successful at my professional life, but my personal life was screwed. I made the decision to stop paying my mom rent for a few weeks in order to pay back the debt I owed. A few weeks passed and my mom woke me up screaming at me for her rent money. I was so tried that night and upset that she woke me up, that I grap my stuff, put everything I had inside my truck, went down to the bank, pulled out every dollar I had and went back to the house. I gave my mom everything I owed her and I gave her the key to the house and I said, “I’m leaving”. That night I went and parked outside the church I was a member of called Watermark Community Church and I went to sleep. All I wanted to do was pay off the debt I owed so I can pick my life back up, but my own mother was pulling me down. I didn’t say anything to her for a month. 

I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had no money. I gave everything to my mom. I had debt collected automatically pulling payments out my bank account every 2 weeks. At one moment my bank account hit -$800. I had to figure a system out to survive. I just didn’t know how to create a system. I was broke consistently. I remember that first month, I had nothing. Had like 100 miles of gas on my car, pay check is 2 days away. I was so thirsty  and hungry and I just wanted to be satisfied. I found 85 cents on the floor board of my truck that night and drove down to the closest walmart and brought the cheapest drink. I think it was  a powerade. All I had to satisfy my hungry was powerade until my next paycheck and I would drink water at work. 

When I did get paid the first thing I did was buy can fruit, can vegs, bread, peanut butter, and jelly. Everyday I made sure I ate one can of fruit for lunch, one can of vegs for dinner with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That was the only thing I could afford because I was paying debt collectors for months. 

I used to pray for God to give me a new car, give me a new place to live, help me get out of this situation. I would pray everynight, asking God to help me out of that situation. I had the police at times wake me up asking why I was sleeping in the parkinglot. I would tell them the store I am telling you know. I slept better knowing that the cops knew I was there. Felt safer. Well, one night after I was done praying, I said, “Amen” and immediately I hear something say my name, “Keith, Keith”. It was a small, tiny whisper, and it freaked me out. It was midnight and I was thinking, “who is outside my truck”. So I peaked to see and guess what, I saw no one. So I posted on facebook what happened and everyone was saying, “that was God calling your name out”. 

A few months later, an police officer I knew, but not on a personal level, but on a level, he was shot and killed during a Black Lives Matter protest with 4 other police officers. Officer Micheal Smith. I never thanks him for his service and so, I wanted to honor his service by becoming a police officer, but because of limitations I couldn’t become a police officer, so I insead went to go join the US Army, but I accidently walked up to a US Marine recruiter instead. I ended up becoming a US Marine in 2017. 

Just prior of enlisting into the US Marines, I had a opportunity to either go get a apartment or I could plant a church and continue to be homeless. I choose to plant the church. The church dead and then the US Marines called and told me my paper work was accepted to join. I prayed for a week before sworing into the Armed Forces on if i should join the Marines or continue to plant the church. I felt God tell me to join the Marines.

About 6 months later, I was in my MOS training school. I was known by a few to be a preacher and this one Marine kept begging me to start a bible study. So after telling him no so many times, I gave in and we started a bible study. A revival actually happened on that base and one marine there gave his life to full time ministry.  

I ended up graduating top of my class, I think I was 4th or 5th in the class of 30 Marines. I’m in the Reserves, so I came back to Texas and checked into my reserve unit I was assign to. Outside the Marines, I was driving Uber full time. That is until I got into a car accident. Someone hit me from bhid going 40mph and I was in dead stop traffic. I was on my way home from drill weekend. The dude that hit me actually got back into his car and fled from the scene. I didn’t have full coverage insurance, so insurance didn’t coverage the damagers. It was way to bad to drive with uber. So I was out of a job. I reapplied at walmart and I got offered an position in automotive at one store, but then another store called me and offered me a Support Manger position, so I took it. 

Sometime after that, I thought I wouldn’t have the money to pay my rent, so I actually went to the apartment officer and gave them to keys and I told them I was sorry, but I can’t pay the rent. I found out a few days later, that if I would of waited, I was going to have the money to pay the rent. Anyways, I ended up sleeping in my car outside the church a 2nd time, this time I was serving in the US Marines Reserves and working full time at walmart as a support manager.  

For some reason, I had so much pride during this season of my life. I was a US Marines and a Manager. I felt like I was on top of the world. I felt like I was untouchable. That was my downfall. That pride destroyed my career. I allowed my store manager to offend me and I refused to forgive him and it killed my career with Walmart. I thought it killed my career in retail. For years I would search for this manager position and no one would hire me. 

I was convinced that my time as a retail manager was over. So it was time to do something else. I worked security for while, but the job was lonely. I settled with doing uber. It was flexible and I can do the military life and drive and it gave me time to figure things out. Well, it was okay, until one day I got in a bad car accident. In 2019, a vehicle run the red light and hit my car head on. I hurt my back in the car accident. I had to get my spine realign. It placed my military career on the line, because I couldn’t pass any of the fitness test. I was given a year to pass or get a Other Than Honorable discharged. I actually entered into a lawsuit to help pay for medical expenses from that car accident. The lawsuit took almost 3 years. 

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