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Are you seeking Free Ministry Training? Well, Good Luck, nothing is free in this world, not even the air we breath. Well maybe the air we breath. What if I told you I Keith West have 5 diploma’s in ministry, I’m working on my 6th and I’m currently working toward’s planting a church? That’s great right, cool, what does it have to do with ministry training. Everything, see I’m looking for motivating engineers to work for me in this new project. Did I lose you? Good, because that was a joke. lol

We’re, when I say We, I mean, Me, I am Partnering with Christian Leaders Institution in bringing free ministry training to people who are connected to this new church plant, my hope is to see leaders rise up from the ashes and change the world.

NOTE: Once a Week, Email Keith at …. and let him know what you learn that week. He’ll email you back. This part has IMPORTANCE within, it will help us all grow stronger in the ministry and faith.

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