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Bad Stuff Just Keeps Happening (Psalm 7)


I love driving. I work for UBER now, because I love it so much. I wanted to be an truck driver, but I didn’t want to go to the school for 4 weeks without pay. Driving, I love it. I’m an professional when it comes to driving, well except that one time. Sometimes I get these tickets. You know the camera tickets. If you do an right turn on an red light, the camera snaps a picture of your car. I earn that ticket. Now picture this in your mind. pexels-photo-167755.jpegYour following all the driving laws and an cop pulls you over, makes something up and gives you an ticket, would that make you mad? The fact is, this happens to us all the time, but not with driving, but with just everyday life. Are you currently in that state right now in life, that it just seems like your doing everything right, but all this bad stuff keeps happening to you?

(Read Psalm 7)


There are two points in this passage…


  1. We are going to get the spanky that we deserve. We earn what we received. Reap what you sow. David says, “If I have repaid my ally with evil or without cause…..then let them pursue me”. V. 4-5
  2. If you get an spanky that you did not deserve, don’t pursue the other person, but leave it in God’s hands. “Arise, Lord…..against the rage of my enemies…. Decree justice”. V. 6


We can get carried away with trying to get back at people who hurt us. Hurting other people isn’t going to solve the problem. We need to leave it in God’s hands.


If you read the Passage it sounds like God himself if going to WAR against our Enemies. The reason he does that is because he Loves us and later in History, Jesus Dies on the Cross because he Loves Us. See, we picture war in our minds one way, like weapons like guns, bombs, but God’s picture was the Cross. His greatest weapon against our enemies was the cross. He defeated death himself or itself.


So, what is your Goal now after knowing this? Share below what you will do, to rely on God in the middle of a hard time.