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Hey everyone,

This isn’t the kind of post I normally create. So, I first, I finish my training, I’m now back home and the military got me station in the state I live. I was working for uber, and I was making great money, but this pass week I was in a car accident and now I am looking for a new job, because though the damages to my car are small, uber won’t let me use it not even to deliver food.So I’m stuck in the middle of a mess right now. I didn’t have full coverage insurance either, so paying for my car out of pocket is the only thing I can do right now.

There is some good news though, first God is alive and active and he is going to move in a mighty way in my situation I’m in. Job said, “Should we not consider good from God?” to his wife. No matter the pain we face, we can know that God is good and he want to do good in our lives, if we just trust in even in the darkest moments, says the guy that is unemployed and has no clue how we going to make ends meet. You can imagine, I’m stressed out, see the physical condition is still there just like when Job lost everything he cried out and tear his rob. My heart right now weights heavy.

I know like just coming on here randomly and saying this after be inactive for a few months is crazy, but in all serious and humbleness, I’m asking for little tiny help from the believers, would ya’ll help me raise between $4000 to $6000 in the next 3 weeks, so I can restore my car and I can get back on the road to making my living?

Here a few ways ya’ll can help me….

2. You can visit my advocare website, I have been trying to sell health products to uber riders, I have an friend been selling, he doing a great job, but if you visit HERE and buy stuff off this site, it will help both me and you, me pay my bills and you with your help. SPARK is the best products out of all them, because It’s like this energy drink that is completely healthy for you. It’s awesome. But click HERE to check it out.

3. You can order a copy of my latest book I wrote about Jesus or you can order a copy of any of the other books I’ve wrote.      Jesus Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.