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Are we Chosen? (Study of James- Part 8)

Are we chosen to be saved by God?

The bible is clear, the sinner and righteous man are picked (chosen) by God. Not my word, it’s God‘s word, says that he set’s each heart himself.

He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of first-fruits of all he created.” James 1:18

It doesn’t mean that he hates the world; he loves everyone that he created. They say Hell is pretty hating toward those who sinned against him, and I can say, it’s really love, if you think about it, what great love to send us to hell for ever and not just destroy us completely? He allow those who rejected him to still live, but even better in the suffering they been asking for, throw war and sin.

Mankind throw their action’s where asking to be sent to hell, and God gave it to them.

Why does he have it that way?

I can’t say anything on why God put it that way, he just did, there is something Paul said something concerning this, he said that is how God receives his glory. By showing himself and his mighty power to all nations, that no one is confused on who God is, because Adam and Eve sure was confused on who and what God is, or they wouldn’t of ate that fruit. God’s divine plan for everything is to help all creation know he alone is truly Holy. God wants to be glorify by all his creation. He get’s that glorification by allowing us to have sin in our lives, so we can see we are imperfect for him and even the very angle’s who are the heavenly servants of God are not perfect, because a 3rd of them fail with the devil in the beginning of time. Before everything, God per-knew everything would happen, because he wanted it to happen. All for his glory. If everyone was as perfect as God, then no one would give God glory, because no one would be any different from God, only that God created everyone. So for God to receive his rightful glorification, he one purpose chosen people for Heaven and hell both. And On purpose sends people to hell. So all living from heaven to earth below may bow down to him and say, “Holy Holy Holy, Is God all Mighty.”. People going to hell, is all for the Glorification of God, and the planification (I might of up this word here, it came to me to say just now; say it like this ‘plan’-‘if-i-cation’ ) of God.

We are chosen people of God. Before time began, God knew our name and his plan for our lives. So many people that were Christian’s are turning back from their faith in Christ Jesus. Don’t you know the end of the world is near and Jesus our Lord is coming back?

No matter what trails we have or temptations that come our way, or how many times we hear from the devil we aren’t good for God. We must remember that before all time, God has chosen exactly who will be saved. As it says, we are chosen to receive the truth. We are chosen to be born again.

Brothers and Sisters, we all have fight for 100′s of years over the bible and what good and bad, can we just come together as one. Since, we are from the one God. We are those Saints the bible talks about. Those called to be holy. Those who are God‘s people Israel. We as Christian come not from the line of sin, but from the blood of Christ, yes even before all time begin.

Question, why are we still living in sin? How is that representing the Father we have in Heaven? How is it that the world won’t come to Christ, because the chosen one’s won’t even summit to Christ? We as Christian’s have to get real with God. Repent oh church. God didn’t promise that the un-chosen would go to Hell automatically, but promised he has his chosen automatically who will be saved, but your know those people by their actions in life. There is always hope for the lost world. We need to remember to submit to Christ, so the world can come to know Christ.