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Read Ruth 2

Up to this point was talking about how this is a time of famine and oppression and how Ruth left everything to follow Naomi. Ruth is an example of the church. Each one of us in the body of Christ leaves everything we knew to follow Jesus.  Now we are in Ruth 2 this week, what does this passage have for us today? What can Ruth 2 tell us about what kind of man we should either be or be trying to find?  

We are going to look at key points in Boaz’s life. These key’s points should be in our lives. 

Important to Note: Before we begin, Ruth left her gods and now follows Naomi’s God. We saw that take place in chapter 1. Boaz and Ruth both have the same God. So it’s important to find someone who has the same belief system that you have. Date and Marry a Christian. 

Who was Boaz?

Boaz was a great picture of a Men of God. Verse 1 says he was a prominent man of noble character. So are you a “Prominent man of Noble Character”? Truly ask yourself this question. You don’t have to be rich and famous to be prominent. I had a lot of employees at Walmart that stock shelves for me that were prominent people of noble character. Character is important to have. Bill Clinton was the president of the USA back in the 90s. He was caught having an affair in the Whitehouse. The most powerful man on earth was not a noble person. So think about that, are you noble? Do you live your life in a way that people take notice and see that you’re not like other people? You want people to be able to tell you, “You’re not like other guys.” That statement has been told to me many times. Be different, by living a noble life. Girl’s when looking for your Boaz, look for one that has value and does the right thing when no one is looking. Look for one that works hard. Look for a Noble Man.  

We see something else important in Boaz. Boaz was a leader. He must have owned a lot of land and employed a lot of workers. He was up there in status on the economic scale. Just because you’re a leader doesn’t mean anything. Hitler was a leader, he was not a very good leader. Leadership doesn’t mean godliness. What kind of leader was Boaz? We see that in verse 4, he tells his Harvesters, “The Lord be with you”. Guy’s are you a blessing to those around you or are you a curse. When you’re around people, do they enjoy your company or do they hate that you’re in the same room as you? It is not very hard to know rather a person is a bad fit to be around. Girls, when searching for a man, search for one that speaks truth towards those around him. Search for one that is a blessing to those around him. He will be a blessing to you.

Another thing we see in Boaz is that he is a protector. In verses 8-9, Boaz tells Ruth to stay in his field, gathering behind his female servants. He also tells Ruth, he ordered the young men not to touch her. This guy went out of his way as a leader to protect a girl he didn’t know. Think about that. Ruth could be a thief, a spy, she could be a number of things that are a danger, Boaz’s natural reaction is to protect her. Most likely, he wanted her to gather behind the other girls for this very reason. He wanted her not to be behind the guys in the field. He told her to stay behind the girl servants. He told her that to protect her from the guys in the field. Find a man that will protect you. Be a man that will protect others.

We see in verse 14, Boaz gives her food to eat. Think about how crazy this sounds. Some random girl comes gathering in your field, instead of telling her to go away, you tell her to stay and eat.  

Guy’s, don’t wait for your dream wife to show up to start doing these things. Start doing them now. Do these things with those you know. Those around you. Become the Boaz that your future Ruth is looking for. Girl’s, don’t date a guy that doesn’t have these key elements in him. If he isn’t blessing others now, he won’t be a blessing to others later. He will be your biggest curse. If he isn’t protecting anyone now, he won’t later, he will be hiding behind you. Don’t fall for a man that isn’t pursuing God. Don’t be a man that isn’t pursuing God. If he doesn’t pursue God, why would he pursue you for anything other than sex?