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Have you ever wonder why you were placed on earth? I know I have. When I was younger, I asked myself once, when I was sad, “why, why, why am I alive?”. I asked myself that because I was depressed and saw my life worthless. So its time that each one of us ask that question right now. Why are you and I alive today? Of what reason did God create us? Is life really worth more than what we see around us today? How can the bible provide that answer to why me and you are living beings today? So many questions, so many answers for each question, but only one true answer for each question. Let’s examine our lives today.

In Matthew 4:12-17 we learn of a piece about why Jesus was alive. He came firstly to fulfill the promises of God’s word in the prophecies. But, think about this. Why did Jesus go from one place to another? Jesus in fact he left his home to a land of non-Jews, a land of Gentiles. Why though, Jesus being Jewish and he is the messiah to the jews, which the jews had been waiting for, for about 2000 to 4000 years, why did the messiah go to the land of non jews and pretty much said bye to the jews for a time period? Why did the jews messiah come to earth and not save the jews? Why instand of saving the jews, this Messiah goes to the non-Jews and starts offering to save the non jews to? Why? The Answer is that he saw something greater, he looked beyond Nazareth and saw Capernaum. Jesus looked beyond just the jews and saw the world. He looked beyond then and saw now.

What does it matter if Jesus goes here or there? Because where-ever Jesus goes, people will see a bright light. We are all in and living in and are all 100% darkness and the only light we can ever receive in Jesus Christ, who he himself said, “I am Light”. The thing that so amazing, later on Jesus calls forth something new, and called his people “light of the earth”. Almost like making all of us who believe, into sons of God, since Jesus is the son of God. So what does it matter if we become light of the earth, remember, Jesus living in us makes us light of the earth, so don’t be prideful about this. We receive something we never earn. But, back to the topic question, if we are light of the earth, what does it matter?

Jesus was and is light in the darkness. He by his good deeds, shines bright for the world to see. So we need to follow his example. Jesus saw so much more than just Nazareth, he saw Capernaum and me and you need to see more than just our own lives, but also others. More than our city, but our state, more than our nations, but the world. We need to think big and not small, but humble and not prideful. In all we do, do out of love. It starts with you on your knees, not you on the street preaching. We need to think more and look beyond what we see now. God has greater plans for me and you, but it only depends on rather you are going to get on your knees and allow Jesus to lead you.

Are you ready? At the age of 30, Jesus begins preaching, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.”

If your ready for go beyond with JESUS in preaching the Good News. First you need to live the Good News and shine as light to the darkness of this World. So, how they saw a bright light, after that, Jesus starts preaching. If we preach something we aren’t living, who will listen? First live the word, then  preach it, but first it starts with you on your knees right now and asking God to forgive your sins and then you getting up and following him.

Are you ready? I hope so, because this world is only dyeing as time goes on and more people even this minute are entering hell forever. The Church needs to shine and wake up. Look Beyond.