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Muslims, people who hold the religion of Islam, consider Muhammad the greatest of prophets. Some Muslims think so highly of Muhammad that they want to imitate him

any way they can. If tradition says Muhammad slept on his right side, they try to sleep on their right side. If tradition says Muhammad washed a certain way, they try to wash that way. If tradition says Muhammad cleaned his teeth in a particular manner, that’s how they clean their teeth.

I’m concern about the Christians in the USA. We have forgotten what it means to Follow Jesus and he have turned to false ways and God’s in many cases. Why is it we allow non believes to be looking so perfect in what they believe, but we our-self, holding the key’s to the True Kingdom, won’t even take into consideration that price that Jesus paid on the cross for our Sins. We preach what we don’t Act on, and condemn the non believers for not following what we preach. Why then are we surprise that the USA has fallen away from biblical Truth and gone with false lies of the devil? If we want change, we need to change and it starts with first Prayer, 2nd Reading the Bible and 3rd Living out a Faith that is only described as sold out.

Without Prayer, we have no relationship with God. This faith relationship can only start by Praying for forgiveness.

Without Reading the bible, we have no understanding and knowledge of God. How can you say, “I have an relationship with God, but I don’t read his word.”? How can something have a relationship with someone else and know nothing about them. That in itself is strange. But that in it self is the Christian Faith of the USA. We go to Church Sunday, and that all our faith is. We don’t pray, we don’t read the bible. We got the pastor at church for that stuff. He is why more holy then us lower people in the church. That’s a Bad thinking, that a devil understanding. God wants to know you personally and make you grow deeply. You and the pastor are on the same level of growth. Don’t trick yourself in thinking lies that your not Worthy enough. God wants you and is calling you by Name. His goal for you, if only you would pray and read the bible, his goal is to make you shine like Jesus. Read what the bible Says…

Ephesians 5:1Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

5 Therefore, be imitators of God, as dearly loved children.

If Muslims can Imitate Muhammad, why can’t we Imitate JESUS?