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We should start off at the big event that is celebrated around the world each year. With the tree, gifts, that star on the top of the tree and don’t forget that guy that breaks into people’s houses to give them free stuff, oh what’s his name? Santa. Both Christian and Non-Christians celebrate Christmas each year. Companies makes billions, all together trillions of dollars spent each year when this holiday comes, but why? What is Christmas? Christians celebrate Christmas to remember the Birth of Jesus. Non-Christian celebrate it because it’s traditional or/and maybe they like free stuff. It’s just what they do. Altogether Christmas is a traditional holiday for both groups.

Now days it’s called, “X-Mas” or “Happy Holiday”. Because of the separation of church and government in the USA, the word “Christ” has been taken out of “Christmas”. This get the church very upset and it makes people start groups and Facebook pages to put “Christ” back in “Christmas”, but was Christ and Christmas ever even one in the same? What is Christmas? Where does Christmas come from? Surly Santa, Elf, Rain Deers (and one with glowing nose), the North Pole, and don’t forget that tree that is places in your living room. One last thing December 25th. Surly, that date and all them other things comes up in the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, according to the bible. Maybe the Star on the tree and gifts under the tree lines up with it. Why is there no baby Jesus, A Ring, Manger and the other things within the birth in that list?

The truth behind Christmas is that it was never a Christian holiday. Many Christian churches and groups and people will be upset over me saying that statement, but it’s 100% truth. We as the church should be preaching truth and not deceiving lies. The truth of Christmas is that it’s a pagan holiday. It’s an event to worship a demonic false god of the Roman Kingdom.

The roman king 1950 years ago, around year 50 A.C. to 70 A.C. Might have been after the death of Paul, but the king became Christian. His kingdom became Christian. The King was scared though, that the people might rebel against the kingdom if he took out 100% of the pagan faith and put in 100% Christian faith. So that king of the roman kingdom mix the two faiths together and made the first Christian-paganism faith. Just about 98% of the church today are that faith. Any Christian that has Christmas each year is a pagan Christian. Saying that will get many people mad, because pagans worship false gods (god of sun, god of wood, good of wind, etc.).

Yes so, Christmas was the false god of the sun birthday. The traditional holiday people have each year marks a false sun god’s b-day, not Jesus’s b-day. The fact is that we don’t really know when Jesus’s birthday was. There was not a date given. God must have not wanted the church to know for a reason. That reason was to point out, who of his people truly will step up and speak truth or who will be good with what is what. Takes a lot of guts for someone to stand up and say the church is wrong. The prophets did it to the Jews all the time, now I’m doing it to the church. We need to preach what is truth. We will answer to GOD for every word we speak. Going around saying Christmas is the Son of the Holy God B-day is a dis-grace to God. How about we for once speak truth?

About the amazing birth of Christ. It so amazing. A virgin woman had a baby and that baby was Jesus and there are so many different points about that birth that we can make. From the prophecy points and spiritual points.

Jesus’s birth was foretold about 350 years before he was born. Isaiah the Prophet lived around 700 B.C. and 600 B.C. Or 300 to 400 years before the birth of Jesus. Isaiah’s name is important, it’s meaning is “The Lord Saves”. So, this men that has a name that means “The Lord Saves” foretold the birth of the Lord who will save. It’s noted in his writing, Isaiah 7 about Immanuel (God With Us).

From the spiritual point of this amazing event in human history, it brings salvation.

The obedience of Joseph, to take up and carry out, it brought salvation to him and his family. A Salvation that keep them alive, since an army was looking to kill the baby Jesus, since it was said that Jesus was the new-born king. Most likely, they would have killed the mom and dad once they had the baby killed. Since the parents were running from them to.

The birth also brought salvation to the world. By Jesus being born, now he would be able to live the perfect life and teach the correct teachings. Fix the mess up and show who God really is and who he really wants.

Our humble king Jesus born in a manger and not in a castle, came with purpose and nothing he did was meaningless, but meaningful. Because Jesus’s birth was not by men’s will, but God’s will, there is a new blood line. A spiritual one. That when people choose to give their life to God through Jesus then they are choosing to be born again, now into a spiritual family. A spiritual blood-line. Because of Jesus’s birth and later his death and coming back alive. Anyone can become a son or daughter of GOD.

People hope for the coming King of king’s to come and even today they still hope, but Jesus (Immanuel – God With Us) came and not the way they thought he would come. He came as a humble and gentle baby boy in a manger. Not as a Mighty King with angles coming and going from heaven and at his side, but as a humble baby.

The birth of Jesus was a birth of humbleness and surrender. The most high coming down to earth giving his own life into the hands of mankind. No not some prophet this time, but he himself, giving truly his all, but why? God from the start just wanted time with his creation. Made a garden for Adam and Eve to have a relationship with them. This same God came down and allow his own creation to rule over him. Giving himself over to his own creation and saying, “I’m yours! Do as you will.” Some like his earthly parents took care of him and others killed him.

Jesus now lets each of us do what we will with humble and gentle Jesus. Will we seek his life? Likewise the soldiers and priest and kings, to have him killed to us. Or, likewise to Mary and Joseph, to love him with our lives and make sure nothing happens to him in our hearts. A call for change. A call to move our feet as they did. A call to obey God as we remember his birth. A call to be born again with him in his birth. To receive a life of protection, as the devil seeks to destroy us. What is our personal choice to do with this new-born king? What are you going to do with King Jesus?