The Lord Stands Far Off (Psalm 10)

The Lord Stands Far Off (Psalm 10)



According to, 151,600 people die each day, 6,316 people die each hour. Wars all over, groups isis killing people. Normal everyday people getting cancer. Bad things happening to good people. It’s part of living in this world. It’s a sad truth. Why does it feel that God isn’t in the picture of any of these things? On Saturday, I met my dad after 18 years. I’m 24 years old now. I met my sister and my aunt. Pretty cool, but this is something that a-lot of people in the world are faced with, a-lot of people don’t know the other story of their family history. It’s reasonable to think, “Why is God so far off in this situation”. The fact is, God isn’t far off at all, he is very interested in your situation and so much interested that he inspired David to write this song, just for you. Continue reading


Bad Stuff Just Keeps Happening (Psalm 7)

Bad Stuff Just Keeps Happening (Psalm 7)


I love driving. I work for UBER now, because I love it so much. I wanted to be an truck driver, but I didn’t want to go to the school for 4 weeks without pay. Driving, I love it. I’m an professional when it comes to driving, well except that one time. Sometimes I get these tickets. You know the camera tickets. If you do an right turn on an red light, the camera snaps a picture of your car. I earn that ticket. Now picture this in your mind. pexels-photo-167755.jpegYour following all the driving laws and an cop pulls you over, makes something up and gives you an ticket, would that make you mad? The fact is, this happens to us all the time, but not with driving, but with just everyday life. Are you currently in that state right now in life, that it just seems like your doing everything right, but all this bad stuff keeps happening to you?
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Cry Out to God (Psalm 6)

Cry Out to God (Psalm 6)

Psalm 6 is one those passages that you have to really have an good idea of the story of David to understand where he is coming from with his poem. David had a-lot of people that pursue him, wanted him dead. David was an Wanted Men, Dead or Alive. So He cries out to the Lord to save him from being killed. Most people reading this aren’t asking God to save them from an enemy that wants them dead. Most people are crying out to God to help them through school, help them pay their next month’s bills, help them —————— (You fill in the blank). What are you crying out to God for today? I want to talk about a few things we should do when Crying out to God.

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God is Our Defender (Psalm – 5)

God is our Defender (Psalm – 5)

I used to get jumped after school everyday. Sometimes I would get in fights and loss. I remember once getting punched in my face and I turn and run all the way home, jumped the fence and went through the back door. My step dad started teaching me how to fight, boxing, kick boxing, I took martial arts classes. In high school, no one screwed with me. I came to school with my knuckles all bloody up and bruised. No one wanted to try to mess with me, because I looked like I was in a fight everyday. I learn to defend myself. One guy did mess with me once, and I did what I needed to do to protect myself.


This world is dangerous and we can be so focus on trying to be our own defender, and completely forget that God is our Defender. In High School, I had no idea that God was an Defending God. I thought He was a God who sat down on a thrown and waited for us to die, so we meet face to face, but was I so wrong.


(Read Psalm 5)


  1. 1-3, David cry’s out to God for his prayers to be answered. He “waits expectantly”. We need to understand that God does answer our prayers, but not on our time, but on his time. I been praying for a wife since 2013, it’s been 4 years. I wait expectantly for an wife. So Whatever your asking God for, Wait Expectantly for your prayers to be Answered! Now in this psalms, David is Praying for HELP from God. So He Waits Expectantly for HELP from God.


  1. 4-7, David is reminding himself, his reading, even God, that God is Good and will defend His people from evil. Evil is pursuing David, but God will come and defend him from the Evil. Now, Christians all over the world are being killed for their faith, so does that mean that God isn’t faithful? No, Jesus is coming back one day and the evil to Killed Christians will answer and those who died for their faith will be risen to life and live forever, Victory! So, we need to know that in the hard times, Victory is Ours, even if it doesn’t seem like it currently, because It’s all in God’s Time.


  1. 8-12 is closely the same thing as 4-7, but I would like to point out was David said in V. 8, “Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness”. We need to be following GOD. If God is Leading US, we are then Following him. We need to have an Personally Relationship with Jesus. David notes that, “Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.” V. 12


In Conclusion, We can Pray, cry out to God all day long, but we won’t hear from him unless we are following him. Following Jesus, starts with having a Personally Relationship With Jesus. That means, Reading the bible and praying directly to him daily. When You pray to Jesus, tell him about your day. Like you would if your talking to your wife or husband at the end of the day.

Semper Fi (Psalms 4)

Semper Fi (Psalms 4)

Semper Fi, the Marine Corps moto. Marines use this world maybe just as much as they use ungodly words. In my 7 months in the Corps, I notice a few things. If Marines are having an party, pizza is the main meal, if they are counting off for accountability, they shout ‘kill’ at the end of counting off, we don’t ever call food ‘food’, but chew, Morning Chew, Afternoon Chew, Evening Chew and if when shaving, if you don’t shave upward against the gain, your wrong. My favorite of them all, if it makes since, then it’s wrong. Oh and we don’t say, We Marines, we say, ‘US Marines’. Now I know your laughing and wondering, ‘what does this have to do with Psalm 4?’


Marines have a way of doing and saying things. They believe what they believe and nothing changing that, there faithful to their marine standard. Semper Fi. But what about the Church. Are we as Christians Semper Fi in what we believe? Is church now a days just an place to go to once a week, check off todo list and maybe if having events sign up, drop kids off at summer camps. Call ourselves a christian for the benefits of the local church, but not really live out the faith we claim to believe in?


(Read Psalm 4)


  1. 1 is David crying out to God asking him to answer him. God wants us to talk to him, prayer is a communication tool in your own hands to speak to the creator of the universe about your own problems in life. God wants to give you relief and marcy in the trouble times, but you must form an relationship with God, through Christ Jesus.


  1. 2-3 is the main idea behind why I wrong about the Marine Corps up above. ‘Glory into shame’ and ‘love delusions and seek after false gods’. This is God saying, “You saying your christian, but then showing me your not christian.” Your words and actions aren’t lining up with each other. I been there recently, everyone who knows me, knows i’m a preacher, priest, pastor, whatever you want to call me. I want out to the store and bought an quija board and started asking people who wants to play with me. Now thing about what you would say to me if you knew my rep and then I bought that game. People told me, “Dude, I thought you were men of God, why would you even buy that game?” I threw the game away, nothing ever happen, but I did withdraw for a weeks away from ministry and my mood flip the few weeks. Now this same reaction is how God feels about people inside the church saying their christians, but then living a life that a christian wouldn’t live. This is the very reason I check my life out on a weekly bases. We have to stay Semper FI to the Faith of Jesus Christ. If we don’t stay faithful to God, it will damage our relationship with him and he WILL NOT NOT NOT hear us when we call. He doesn’t mess around with people who just wear the name, but instead have his Word in their hearts.


  1. 4-5 Makes me think of life being peaceful, nothing crazy going on. So like life is all sunshine, it’s in those moments that we need to Remember the Lord and not turn to evil ways, “Tremble and do not Sin when you are on your beds.” The Bed is a resting place, do not turn to evil when your life is at peace and everything going smooth. And examine your life in those moments of peace, see where you fall short and strive to grow closer to Jesus in those moments. “Search your heart and be silent”. And we your searching your life and heart and found things about yourself that you can change to grow closer to God, “Offer the sacrifices ….. Trust in the Lord.” Give up those things to the Lord and Trust in him in the process. So, maybe you realize you can spend more time reading the bible, getting into an local ministry, maybe even starting a ministry, or maybe getting rid of sin in your life, Offer those sacrificers.


  1. 6-8, to understand those verses we have to remember the whole passage. David started the passage out with crying out to the Lord for his prayers to be answered. He makes his Journey through an few topic, about forsaking false gods, staying faithful to the one true God throughout his life and not turning back to false gods in the good times. Don’t use God as an 911 contact, but daily have an relationship with him. Trusting God in all those times of life. David ends this chapter, that God will bring us to prosperity, that only God can make the light shine out of the darkest times. And that Peace only comes from the Lord.


Start an relationship today with the Lord, turn to Jesus. He died on the cross, he took all the pains of this life to Hell with him, so that you can know Him and to give you an new life, if you want to accept that.  

God is in Control (Psalms 2)

God is in Control (Psalms 2)


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist for us to know that the world around us is falling apart. Seems like war never ends. Growing up, I remember watching 9/11 happen on tv and hearing the president talk about how we are going to find the ones responsible and make them pay. Now I’m 24 and our new president has blown ISIS up and put restrictions on North Korea. It’s a scary time to live in, because all the major nations have nuclear weapons that they can wipe out any given city, state or country they want at a push of an button. Student who graduated high school just a few months ago and went straight to military, just to get college paid for, are now face with the fact that war might just be around the corner for them. Scary times in deed, in deed scary times to live in, but also, interesting times to live in also. With this fear rising up in everyone heart and mind, how can we find peace in the middle of it all?


Read (Psalms 2)


  1. 1-3 main idea on these verses is saying that the world is rising up again God and his people. The World, “Why do the nations ….. people plot in vain”. The fact is that the God of the Bible is hated by this world and christians are hated to by everyone and it’s been going on for 2000 years, and the bible backs it up and even says, “Against the Lord and his anointed”.


  1. 4-6 main idea is that God just looks at the nations and laughs. The reason for this laughter is because God say, “I have installed my king on Zion, my Holy Mountain.” It doesn’t say, “I will” or “I am going to”, it says, “I have”, it is done already. God is in-charge, no matter who comes to war against him and his people.


So far, what going on is that all the kings of the earth are getting together to try to destroy the creator, but the creator is saying, “I’v already won, I’m ruling everything as you all are plotting against me. I’m ruling over your own little plot that is plotted against me.”


  1. 7-12 main idea is that God wins the fight. He wins the war, He WINS! Because He wins, we should join him in his victory before the war is over. We should serve him with our lives.


See, the world we live in is madly in love with war. The reason is because of sin, sin enter this world, then people wanted to be like God, instead of accepting God. That’s why the devil is the devil. The devil was an Angel, but he wanted to be God. He went to war again God with ⅓ of the Angels and was cast out of heaven. We have that inner desire to be God, so we make our little thrown of success, through education, money, cars, or whatever, you name is. We all do it, but God is saying, stop trying so hard to remove God from Zion but instead, serve him from wherever you are in live. If your in education, serve him in education, if your an stocker in a grocery story then serve him as an stocker in grocery story. I served God as a bathroom cleaner and as an US Marine. “Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.”

Life’s Two Roads (Psalms 1)

Life’s Two Roads (Psalms 1)


Growing up me and my older brother where best friend’s. We played together in the back-yard and road our bikes together, walked to school together, did everything together, even when I was 11 and he was 14, we went to see the same PO together. Doing things together was normal. One day something abnormal happened, I went to the church one sunday morning 2.6 miles from my house, walking, and within weeks, I gave my life to God. I went one direction in life and my brother never followed, he continue down the path that he went down. Stick with me and i’ll tell you how this story ends.


The passage we are going to be looking at is Psalms 1. Now we can get deep into the theological and historical roots of this passage, but it’s not really going to matter much. I just want to focus on just the meaning behind this passage. Not so much why it was written, but for what it’s talking about mainly.  I think we can get side-tracked trying to figure out what X stands for, when we are looking at Y and Z. Let’s focus on X for now. As in, lets focus on the meaning of this passage.


(Read Psalms 1) – 5 Minutes


We see this passage is talking about 2 different people. A “Blessed” person and a “Wicked” person. V. 1 and V. 4. We see detailed information about each person.


Blessed Person

  1. Doesn’t do the things that sinners do. For example, Stealing, Lying, cheating, murder, etc. Anything that breaks the law of God, “10 commandments”. V. 1
  2. Spends time in the bible and in prayer, not just on sunday morning. This should be a regular thing that should be done. V. 2
  3. They grow stronger in many areas of their lives. V. 3

Wicked Person

  1. Unuseful. That’s that best way for me to say what V. 4 is say
  2. Won’t be saved. V. 5


In verse 6, it’s a promise that God is watching over his people, but not watching over those who rejected him.


When we read about the Blessed Person, we can get this feeling inside our gut, that we don’t measure up to that standard. Just right off the bat, we read that they are blameless. So we begin to wonder, how can me a sinner, measure up to a righteous person? The answer is that you can’t. We are all doomed to destruction. But, I have good news. Jesus was perfect. Jesus paid the price for our sin, when he died on that cross, he said, “It is Finish!” and he mint it. We can’t ever get to a place of righteousness on our own. Romans 1:17 “For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.”


First Receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, 2nd pick up an Bible and read it, 3rd connect to an local church and get help to grow in your new found faith, 4th Don’t walk back into sin, but continue to walk towards God. It just starts with an Prayer, close your eyes and just say, “Dear God, Here I am, Save me”.  Or say whatever is on my heart. If your angry at God, tell him. Our God is personal and loves you and will hear you when you call to him. He will answer.


I said I would end the story. My brother is serving time right now, on his like 3rd federal change or something. He is always going in and out of jail. Me on the other hand. I do investments in real estate, have a 401k, savings, nice car, I was an head manager, but now i’m in the US Marines. God has PROSPER my life, just like V. 3 says about the Blessed Person.


Any questions, free to ask below.


I think Christians have forgotten who we are as believers. Something I personally have found is you can go to church each Sunday life, open up all these Christian face-book pages, have all these Christ websites, but you yourself be so far away from God then the moon is from the sun. We need that personal time with God each day, if you mess  day then that’s 1 step back from God. I know people who are Christians, but they mess 3 days of personal time with Go and they go to bars every week. It’s true that the amount of time away from your bible and prayer, the farther away from God and his blessing you will be. For some people that’s okay, but for others that’s not okay. For them personally that is, but for all people, one minute that your mind is off God, then what is it on? It’s on “That not okay”.

Psalm 119:97 Oh, how I love your law!
    I meditate on it all day long.

Who or what is your Stronghold? (Study of Psalm “Psalm 52:5-7”)