Question of the Week (Week 3)

When looking at the world around us, what do you think is next?


My Answer, I think the church around the world is about to rise up. I really think that the church in the USA is about to go through an Major World Wide Revival.

What Ya’ll Think?


Question of the Week (Week 2)


I know it’s Friday, little late in the week for this. But Yet’s reflect on the most important question of them all. As we enter into 2018, what are you doing to keep a close relationship with GOD?

So For me personally, I find that as I keep on posting an new devotional on this website, it helps me keep my eyes in the word and not in the world. Also, I turn on worship music whenever I have an chance to. Lets face it, 2017 was the year, busy busy year, we just got through the most busiest time of the year, christmas and new years. It’s time for some of us to finish the school year, others may have started an new job. Life can get busy, but lets not get so busy that simply turning on christian music throughout the day is no longer an option.

So, I would love to Hear your Answer below, What are you doing this year to stay close to GOD?


So I was looking at other blogs and some ask questions. My main goal with this blog is to grow deeper in our faith. So, I want to ask an Bible Question and feel free to give your answer in the bottom.

Question….  What does the Christian Faith mean to you?

MY Answer…. It’s an personal relationship with God through Jesus. Where daily we read the bible and pray. It’s not an religion, but more of an way of life. It’s not something I take the name and use on Sunday morning, but it’s a way I live everyday. And it’s not something I earn either, but this faith is given to us by God in Heaven.

What is your Answer? pexels-photo-356079.jpeg