Hi, my name is Keith, I’m serving in the US Marines Reserves. I live in the Northwoods Wisconsin and the eggs up here are about $5 a dozen, it’s completely crazy. In Texas, the eggs were like $1.75 or something. Yesterday I was talking to a children’s camp director and they said they might not be serving eggs to kids for breakfast because they cost way too much.

I would like to set up a local chicken farm that will provide eggs to the locals for less than what the stores are selling them for. I have a plan for it, but I’m not rich or anything. I don’t have the funding to actually make this farm happen. I need help. $50k will be enough to buy some land and then I can build the chicken coop for about $500 to $1000 and the chickens are going to cost about $1000. I’m wanting to buy around 100 chickens. They will lay enough eggs that it will be possible to bless a lot of families.

If I can get support to set up this first chicken farm then that would be amazing and I will explain and build more chicken farms in multiple other places. I just need this first farm to start up.

I already found a piece of land for less than $50k, but who knows how long it will be available, it would be amazing if I can get the funding to make this happen, thank you! https://gofund.me/56ed8304