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The word “Covenant” mean’s peace between. It’s a treaty or a contract between two nouns (person, place or thing). In the bible, we can find, a lot of different covenant’s being made. I will name the 4 main covenant’s of the bible.
The Flood Covenant
The promise of God, to all mankind, that the earth will never get flooded again.
The Law Covenant
God’s covenant between the Jewish people, to receive salvation throw the law.
The Grace Covenant
God’s covenant between the world, to receive salvation throw Grace. Whoever received, become part of the church.
The Anti-Christ Covenant
When Anti-Christ comes out, he will form a 7 year peace treaty with Israel and the world. Also, within this covenant, in the 2nd 3.5 years of the tribulation, he will require all mankind to receive his mark on their right hand or forehead.

Peace contract’s in the bible are important key in understanding verses, context, letters, and everything else in the world of God. This is one of the things that the church doesn’t look at, because it doesn’t really care about it. People within the church, look at the bible and say, “Okay, lets do as it says”. The thing that is wrong is that, they need to only do what it says for the church to do. Many churches/denominations are doing what it’s telling another covenant to do and their also believing what another covenant believes.

When reading the bible, we need to know the answer to this question, “What covenant is this passage referring to?” Remember in sermon 1, that verse that in Psalms 69, which is a lost of salvation verse, that causing the church to believe that we the church can loss our salvation? What covenant was that verse really part of? It was part of “The Law Covenant”. Remember, the Jews were saved by following God’s set of Rule’s, other wise called the Law of God. If they didn’t follow it, they would not be saved. We read over and over, the Jewish people rejecting God. Therefore, they broke the covenant, between them and God and lost their salvation. That’s when Jesus come’s into play and this by grace covenant comes into action and now, no one can loss their salvation, because it’s no longer a law covenant, but Grace covenant.

What then is a “The Grace Covenant”?

The letter of Romans is a great letter. It speaks about how we are saved, not by works, but by faith. Because of the grace giving by God, all we have to do is believe in Jesus and we are saved. It also talks about how Sin increase Grace increase, there is a never ending amount for Grace for me and you. Last, there is a new life given to us. Unlike the other covenants, we receive a new life throw Jesus, by his death on the cross. We are saved, no mater what. How amazing is that? “By his wounds we are heal” Isaiah 58:5. We did nothing. Its done. Jesus said it on the cross, “Is it finished”. What is finished? The free gift of salvation being offered to mankind.

A new life given to us. The Holy Spirit comes into our life, changes us inside out. That’s whenever we start living our lives non stop for God and start following Jesus. Not because we have to, but its in us to want to. That’s why people read their bible, go church and pray all without fear. AMEN!!!