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Cry Out to God (Psalm 6)

Psalm 6 is one those passages that you have to really have an good idea of the story of David to understand where he is coming from with his poem. David had a-lot of people that pursue him, wanted him dead. David was an Wanted Men, Dead or Alive. So He cries out to the Lord to save him from being killed. Most people reading this aren’t asking God to save them from an enemy that wants them dead. Most people are crying out to God to help them through school, help them pay their next month’s bills, help them —————— (You fill in the blank). What are you crying out to God for today? I want to talk about a few things we should do when Crying out to God.

(Read Psalm 6)

Remember That God is Patient! “How Long, Lord, How Long?” In the Middle of Pain and sorrow, of hard times, when our live is an hurricane, it can be easy to just blame God for all the Pain. David started the passage out, “Lord, do not rebuke me ….or discipline me in your wrath.”
God is a God of Mercy. “Have Mercy on me, Lord…… heal me, Lord”. Charles Spurgeon, once said, “God’s mercy is so great that you may sooner drain the sea of its water, or deprive the sun of its light, or make space too narrow, than diminish the great mercy of God. ”
We need to be persistent. This is the idea of not giving up, keep on keeping on. Don’t just stop because it’s been a week, a month, or an year. I’ve been praying for a wife for 3 years, tonight I will pray again for an wife. When I lost everything I had, I didn’t just say, “Well, I guess God isn’t faithful.” NO, I prayed and prayed and prayed, “Lord, I need you, Help me.” To the very point of being homeless and minutes away from sleeping under a bridge, God Answered my prayer and the very next day, I’m living a car lot with an 2017 chevy cruze, when my credit was screwed and my bank account empty, God still step into my situation and provided everything I needed. Let me encourage you, in the middle of your set-back, KNOW that God will give you an come-back. David writes, “Away from me…..The Lord has heard my weeping…..my cry for mercy… accepts my prayer.”
When everyone around you is looking at you when your this low, when your live is in pain and suffering, remember, that when God is done with you everyone will look at your life and “be overwhelmed with shame and anguish”. Why? Because they will know with their very eyes, that your God is a Living God.

Remember though, this is only for Devoted Followers of Jesus. God wants a Relationship with you. He came here to Earth in the form of an men, the Men Jesus, he died on the cross and came back to life. In order to start a relationship with Him, it’s not an prayer or magical prayer that your need. NO, but it’s 5 minutes a day reading the bible, praying and seeking after God. When you pray, tell God everything about your day and thank him for another day on earth. Don’t just turn to God when bad times come. Turn to him everyday.