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Surprisingly the deity of Jesus has spark debate within the church world-wide. We need to understand who Jesus is and his deity is a very easy way of understanding who Jesus is. The word deity   means rank, status or position, but not just anyone or anything, but of a god. So what is the deity of Jesus? What position is Jesus in the Kingdom of the Most High? Is he a general or a king? What is Jesus’s Deity?

We will read in the bible and find that in many places he is called the son of God. If you’re a son of a ruler, then you’re a prince. So is Jesus is a prince? Yes, he is a prince. The bible calls Jesus the prince of peace. The reason for that name is because of his death on the cross. When we turn to him, we can find peace with God through Jesus Christ. See we are in a war with God, each and every one of us. That war is won. God won that war with Jesus on that Cross. We need to turn to him and find that peace with God before we end up paying for the sin that put us in war with God in first place. Jesus’s death brought peace. He is a prince, because he came back to life and went up to heaven and sat at the side of God and now is prince over all the kingdom that is spiritually all over the world called “The Church”.

The “who is Jesus?” question is not answered fully let. See, Jesus is so much more than a prince of peace. His name, Jesus means, “God with us”. Jesus is God with us. Jesus is God. Jesus is God in the human formation. The way that works is we’re not sure. God is Jesus, Jesus is God. That’s really going to be confusing for a lot to understand, but the bible says it and we believe it and need to trust it to be truth. God never told us all, but only something’s about him. My thinking is he gives us these confusing things to take in, so he see’s if we will change-up his word or just take it by faith as it is. Some choose to change his word to fit their own minds, so deceiving themselves, but others believe as is.


The trinity is in the deity of God. The trinity is “Son”, “Father” and “Holy Spirit”. The father is God, but on the Thrown. The Son is God, but in the human formation. The Holy Spirit is God, but in spirit that comes and lives inside of us.

Throughout the old and new testament we see the son is part of the trinity. The Jews and many Christian don’t know this, but anytime in the old testament you see it talking about someone “seeing God’s face” then that would be the son trinity. In the new testament Jesus is the son trinity of God. He is clearly God in human form. Walking on water, healing all them people, raising the dead and even coming back to life and all them other amazing miracles. He is clearly non-human. The important fact to understand is people are sinful, but because Jesus was God in human form, then he is Holy. God is Holy, Jesus is Holy. Perfect match to die for a sinful world. He brings a chance for mankind to become holy, because Jesus became sin, we can enter peace with God.

Now the Father part is little different. He stays on the throne so that the devil doesn’t take the throne. If the devil was the take the throne then he would become greater than the creator. God knew what he was doing setting up his kingdom. Since every kingdom has a king on the throne. He made sure to have one part of his deity on the throne at all times. The father is a father to the fatherless. So for those who have no daddy. God wants to be your daddy. He want you to be his son or daughter. All it takes is turning to the son on the cross and asking him for son-ship in the kingdom of God and your know what, the prince is more than willing to give you rights to join him in the key’s to the kingdom. He is looking for more brothers and he loves you so much. The father is on the throne, he not moving no where. Who will turn and bow their lives to him? We need to surrender to the King on that throne and put up the white flag. The victory belongs to the one on the throne.

The 3rd part that is part of the trinity is the Holy Spirit. After the son came and provided away to become a son/daughter of the kingdom of God. Then the Holy Spirit got sent to the church around 40 A.C. This event is noted in the bible as a time that all the Christians where speaking in different tongues. The Holy Spirit is important. When we turn to Jesus to be saved, then this Holy Spirit comes and lives inside of us and that is the end of the story. Nothing can take that spirit out of us. We forever are saved. We became the son or daughter of the most High King God. We receive all power and strength and become princes of peace and everything that Jesus is. We no longer have to pay for our sins, but it’s already is paid for. The Holy Spirit is a ticket to Heaven. When we die. We stand before the gate of Heaven. The door will open for us, because we have the key to open it and the key is the Holy Spirit. We enter into a real rest for eternity. On top of that, the call to live a Holy life is no longer a hard impossible call for us. We have the “HOLY SPIRIT” in us. So now anything is possible for us, even to be 100% holy and perfect. But, that won’t happen. We still fight a war with our sinful side daily. The Good News is that we are saved and it wasn’t gain, but given. All we have to do is to ask for it. Turn to Jesus.

After a deep look at the deity of Jesus, we re-look at the question from the start. Who is Jesus? What is the Rank of Jesus is the Kingdom? Jesus is a Holy prince of peace that only wants a relationship with you and me. Jesus is God in the human formation that only came to earth to die. That was his mission. His mission was to die for us. The reason was that we can receive a connection with God through his own death. So that by time our bodies die, our spirit won’t die but be inter-lock with his spirit.  There is no better way to say that the deity is Jesus is Anointed Redeemer.