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It’s 2017, the world around is changing by the minute. It was only 10 years ago that everyone was starting to get these devices that we called cell phones. And then that lead to the ideas that lead up to smart phones. Now days everyone is carrying around laptops, and these things called tablets. There are laptops they call notebooks or chromebooks. The expanding Technological Era in which we are living is only at this beginning. What could be on the other side of the doors we have let to open? What could be in the deeps of our basic human understanding and knowledge? Today kids from ages as young as 5 know how to unlock an smart phone and buy items online. If the generation after us are only beginning to unlock the knowledge that it took our generation a decade to unlock, then we can only imagine what the next generation will find or come up with in their time. If this is true for technological world advancements, then what about the universe? The two have 1 thing in common, both are deep in understanding, but the next generation always finds out alittle more and grows upon past knowledge already received. For example, 500 years ago, everyone knew the earth was flat. When I was a kid, I knew the moon was made out of cheese, until we study deeper into the subjects and learn the truths of the universe.

The biggest question that scientist are trying so hard to answer in our generation is, “Is there life somewhere else in the universe?” As a Christian, I enjoy knowing the truth of both God and creation. I believe that, “In The Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth”. I also believe that he said, “Let there be Light and there was Light.” A-lot of famous well known scientist believed this as well. Nicholas Copernicus (1473-1543), He was an Astronomer, He discovered that the earth and other planets moved around the Sun. Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1627), a philosopher who came up with scientific method of inquiry based on experimentation and inductive reasoning. So for all the people who think Christians are unreasoning and don’t have an open mindset. This christian is the one who came out with the method of having an open mindset. Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), a mathematician and astronomer. He did early work on light, and established the laws of planetary motion about the sun. He also came close to reaching the Newtonian concept of universal gravity – well before Newton was born! Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), Believed that the bible itself was teaching the earth moved around the sun. He used science to proof this teaching, but the church deny his teaching. Galileo expressly said that the Bible cannot err, and saw his system as an alternate interpretation of the biblical texts. Isaac Newton (1642-1727), remember in high school, we learn about “The Laws of Newton”? Well, that’s just a part of his story on earth, He did a considerable work on biblical numerology, and, though aspects of his beliefs were not orthodox, he thought theology was very important. In his system of physics, God was essential to the nature and absoluteness of space. In Principia he stated, “The most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.” Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Now Albert Einstein never came to believe in a personal God as christians believe in, so I personally wouldn’t call him a Christian Scientist, but we can accredit him with the fact that he associated with major revolutions in our thinking about time, gravity, and the conversion of matter to energy (E=mc2). The Encyclopedia Britannica says of him: “Firmly denying atheism, Einstein expressed a belief in “Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the harmony of what exists.” Simply put that His believe that God was an singular self-subsistent substance. This made him interested in science and wanting to explore the unanswered questions of creation and the universe. As he once said to a young physicist, “I want to know how God created this world, I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts, the rest are details.” Einstein’s famous epithet on the “uncertainty principle” was “God does not play dice” – and to him this was a real statement about a God in whom he believed. A famous saying of his was “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

So we can set aside now any ideas in our mind that i’m going to just write what I think or feel my religious beliefs about life outside of this world may come from. As an reasonable and open mindset christian, in order to answered the question, “Is there life somewhere else in the universe?” We need to first figure out the answer to an very basic question. “What is Life?” I mean, if you’re searching for something, then you need to figure out what you’re searching for. If we look at the universe and try to find other people like creatures on another planet, then we are going to have an real hard time. Maybe we could be looking for animals on another planet, cats, dogs, fish, loins or even greek mythology creatures. In all good spirits, let’s have an open mind. Look around at the earth and then look at the other planets. 55 Cancri e, imagine diamonds everywhere, better than that this planet is made of mostly daimons. Don’t be too happy, its 40 lightyears (1 lightyear is six trillion miles.) away from the earth and the mass is about 8 times. Have fun trying to get there and get back with diamonds. WASP-12b is only 2250 degrees celsius. Gliese 581c is a famous planet, in 2007 it was discovered that this could be an potentially hospitable planet, however, it doesn’t move around like the earth. One side of this planet stays facing its host star. So with an open mindset, what is life?

On our amazing planet where plants grow, creatures live inside the ground, under water and on land we need a combination of 19 elements from the periodic table for people to exist on earth. We know of 115 elements and only 19 have to come together perfectly for an human to exist. Now that’s not all, we live on the earth, the earth has to be suitable for our people to exist. What does that mean? Well the earth would have to be just the right temperature. It would have to be tilted just perfectly and the interesting thing is, our earth is exactly like that. If our earth moved any closer to the sun, the earth burns, any farther, than the earth freezes. If the tilt changes, life on earth will no longer exist. The position of the earth is perfectly set in place in order for plants to grow, animals to live and humans to exist. The interesting thing about this is that through all the research that scientist bring to the table, the chances of another earth is very low. Some scientist in our times are beginning to come up with another theory that states that it’s impossible for the earth itself to even have life on it. But here is what we know is true, in order for life to exist on earth, we need water, time, energy and protection, the earth has an magnetic field that protects us from storms that come from the sun. Great, now we just need to find another planet that has the perfect distance from it’s sun, water, time, energy and protection around it from threats that space has to offer. Not to forget, once we find this planet, how will we get to this planet without being completely destroyed by an black hole or huge floating rocks. Only trying to be as open minded as I should be, after all i’m a christian and we don’t use reasoning as most the world claims. Let’s get deeper in on this, what if the existence of only human life requires those 19 elements? As in, what if their are creatures in the universe that live perfectly fine on an planet of fire, planet of ice or a planet of water? What might we call our earth, a planet of air? We humans have to breath to live, air on our planet is important factor for life to exist on our planet. If I can’t breath, I can’t live. So think outside the box, maybe their are creatures that need to be on fire to survive, or maybe other creatures that need to be cold as ice or even colder than ice to survive? So going back to the question, “What is Life?” The best possible answer to this question would have to be, “Life is living organism in which it finds a way to survive through its environmental surroundings.” I came up with this through my christian open mindset of the universe.

So we answered that question, “what is Life?” Now we have to answer the question, “Is there life somewhere else in the universe, outside the existance of what we call earth?” In the most simple way possible to ask, “Do Aliens exist?”

As a kid, growing up my step dad would tell me ghost stories of mexico and he would tell me that death was in the backyard digging a grave for me and my brother. He scared me so bad that I was scared of the dark for years, until I came to faith in Christ and learn that I have power over all evil spirits to tell them to go away. It built me up mentally again to go outside in the dark. I knew that now, if death really was in the backyard, he can’t touch me because God is my protector. But ever since a kid I found the unknown very interesting. I watched ghost hunters and now as an grown men I watch ghost videos on youtube for a good scar. On my 10 day leave after bootcamp, I stayed in an hotel room that the bed was shaking and I felt like something else was in that room with me, it was enjoyable and scary experience. When I had my apartment back in 2013, I felt like there was someone else in that apartment. I remember my roommate said he heard a woman’s voice coming from the closet, only a few days later I would find an woman’s picture in my phone that was taken at 3AM. My phone was dead for months and I happened to charge it and I saw a woman’s selfie in my phone. My roommate said it looked like an old friend from his hometown. The unknown is just so interesting to me. Space, the depths of the ocean, bigfoot, dragons, etc. I mean, look at the world. How did all of this happen? Was it all by random chance? Or is there an creature behind it all? What is the chance that by random, the big bag happens and then millions of years later humans appear on this rock?

Think about what it takes for us to survive day by day, but our bodies are by far different to the bodies of animals and plants. The plants and animals have different systems inside their structural design then humans have, to help them survive. Like plants don’t have heart. Some animals don’t have eyes. Each creature of the earth has an body that is different from the next creature. There are so many creatures on earth, that we are still discovering more each year. There are about 8.7 million creature on earth today that we know about. And they all have an different body system, shape, design, defense techniques. Growing up I would always hear atheists claim that creation is an accident and random chance. They say there is no God and no master mind behind creation, but that’s so hard to conceive, when I look at the universe and the world and how amazing everything is. I can’t help but come to an conclusion that there is an higher power. There must be an creator.

So let’s do an U-Turn back to the question, “Do Aliens exist?” First we have to define what we mean, “What is an Alien?” Growing up, watching movies and tv cartoons I would get an understanding that aliens were little green creatures that fly around in round spaceships called an “spacecraft”. That’s like everyone’s definition of an alien. Webster’s dictionary defines a Alien as, “belonging or relating to another person, place, or thing”. So according to webster dictionary an alien isn’t a little green creature that flies around in an spacecraft, but an creature that is not from the place it is currently at. So for example, when people come from mexico to the usa, they are aliens. If I go to mexico from the usa, I’m an alien. Now, on a bigger scope of things, are there creatures coming from other worlds to our world?
The only ones that can deny alien exist are atheists. The reason I say that is because they flat out don’t believe in an higher power. Without the belief in God, there can’t be angel, there can’t be a devil or demonic spirits. The reason behind that is because Angels are created for the service of God. The idea of angels wasn’t created or thought of until humans first believed in a God. Now Angels serve God. Because of Good and Evil that exist in the world, we can only come up with the conclusion, outside christian thinking, that if there is a God of Holiness, there must be an god of wickedness. It’s only logical. And if the God of Holiness has servants called angels, surely the god of wickedness has servants called demons. And these creatures have powers that we will never see.

So right about now, you thinking that i’m crazy, i’m talking about God and Devil and angels and demons. I’m out of my mind to even believe in that stuff. But you know what is even more crazy, to look at creation and say, it was all by accident. To believe that by random chance creation brought forth life on earth with no help of an creator. That’s like saying that an building just appear out of no-where one day and there wasn’t an builder. To come to an conclusion that the building is standing because it has a strong foundation and the frame is strong and the walls, windows, each nail, and roof all perfectly in place, all by accident and no builder at all in the process. See that’s crazy, it’s not crazy to believe that their is an God behind creation. God’s Toolbox is the periodic table of the 115 elements. He uses those elements to create this masterpiece that we call creation. And the reason he made all of it was for his enjoyment. If you look at space, and see all that goes on in space, and just think, there is a God behind it all, you start to wonder, Maybe God is like an Little kid, he just loves playing around with his toys and seeing what else he can design. All while he spends time with his creation.

Do Aliens Exist? Yes, but their no little green creatures. They are Angels and Demons and one day they will invade the world. The bible teaches that when Jesus Christ returns for the 2nd coming, The world will see his coming in the eastern sky and angels will be flying everywhere and the people who believed in Jesus as Lord will be caught up in the sky and then the ones left on earth will go to war again God himself. This happens because the Devil will come in the appearance of an human and deceive the world. The world will believe that He is God. So the world will be brainwashed by time the true God comes to the earth and the world will go to war against the creator. Even now, the devil is slowly brainwashing people in thinking that an alien invasion is coming to the world, through movies and cartoon shows. So that when the 2nd coming of Christ does happen, the world picks up arms against the Lord God.

By not denying Science or the existence of Alien life. I hope you enjoyed my opinion of this fascinating subject.

Science found out 500 years ago that the earth isn’t flat but round….
Around 2000 BC, or 4000 years ago the book of Job was written. The Book of Job is an Book within the Bible, in it there is this verse…..

Job 26:7
“He spreads out the northern skies over empty space;
he suspends the earth over nothing.”
I tend to believe facts over wishful thinking and so far “the Bible is without err” – Galileo Galilei.