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How many of us have a job, school or something we do each day? How many people out there are trying to just survive with whatever comes their way each day? How many of us have dreams and hopes and all that stuff? How many of us want to be wealthy or desire to provide for our families even more than they need? How many of us live daily lives just trying to satisfy ourselves? Everyone goes through something each day. Everyone is thinking about tomorrow. Is there not a human on the face of the earth that is making plans for tomorrow today?

I’m going to do this, that and this and that tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Put in my 401K, so when I’m old I can retire. I am going to save up all this money for moving over here or there. This and that, I shall do it. Now lets plan all our life out. We are God of our own life, right? No.

This world is full with people who love just trying to make life good for them. They try to build their own kingdom. Mostly by money-making. More money, then get that house, car, men get their girl, girl get their men. Their life is centered upon money and growing in wealth. Maybe not money, but drugs, power or something. Your life is center on something that is mint to make you feel so great.

I found myself in a situation where I got scared about tomorrow. God has called me to NJ and to go preach, so what do I do? Exactly what anyone would do, worry. I went and started investing in the stock market and created a business. It all came crushing down. I lost so much money that I was saving up for NJ. I’m a fool of fools. I’ve done stuff that I just knew better not to do, but I saw the fall and run to it. On top of that later on, I was about to run to it again, and again. My biggest weakness is money, pride and power. I think that the same for anyone that is a preacher. Find myself face down on my knees.

The bible says that we need to trust in God. Follow him and not just give up. When bad times come, I get on my knees. At times I cry my eyes out. I’m a men, but in humbleness, I’m nothing, but dust from the ground. I don’t deserve great love that God has given to me. I don’t deserve anything but hell.

I’m not sure where you are at this minute in life. I’m not sure what you may face. I’m sure though what the bible says, don’t worry about tomorrow. Look at today and enjoy the day that lord has made. As God calls me to NJ. No home, might have a job, I will trust in him when I get there and right now, I’m no longer going to worry about it. Going to just follow God and seek his Good Will.

Don’t worry about tomorrow, look to today. Don’t seek, wealth, power and all this world and find yourself in a pit, seek first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be added on.

Are you looking for hope, future and just a new life. Your able to find that in Jesus Christ. The bible gives us an easy and simple way of getting a new Hope and Future. We have to turn to Jesus and Seek his righteousness and kingdom. Seek the Lord. Don’t worry no more about this world.

Jesus said, “Do not worry about your life…………but first seek his kingdom and his righteousness…..”. No better way to say it. God got your life. Read Matthew 6:25-34.