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So as we do the end times bible study, topics will be added to this list and each case we talk about will be turned into a link going to 1, 2, or 3 podcasts and also written scripture with current events, future events, or historical events to give more depth into the #prophecy.

To get access to each of these topics when clicking on them, join the Facebook group for 0.99 cents a month. We’re trying to start a church and sadly in this generation you can’t raise money for a church plant unless you offer something, so I’m offering this timeline. The church plant I’m trying to start would be in north Wisconsin targeting people in their 20s. Join here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/626254506194054/?ref=share&mibextid=NSMWBT

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I have the Church Age and Seals parts ready, I need to get everything on the website set up.

  • Church Age READY!
  • Seals
  • End Times Nations / Beast Kingdom
  • Tribulation
    • Temple
    • Trumpets
    • Peace agreement
    • Mark of the Beast
    • Two Witnesses
  • Rapture
  • 2nd Coming of Jesus
  • 1k year reign of Jesus on Earth
  • Final War between God and the Devil