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False Teacher (Study of 3 John- Part 3)

I wrote to the church, but Diotrephes, who loves to be first, will not welcome us. So when I come, I will call attention to what he is doing, spreading malicious nonsense about us. Not satisfied with that, he even refuses to welcome other believers. He also stops those who want to do so and puts them out of the church. (3 John 1:9-10)

John wrote a letter to a church, I’m not sure what church, but to a church, and a leader of that church named Diotraphes is saying lie’s about John, and not welcoming him or others believers into the church, which makes no since, since church leaders need to welcome all people into their church, so we see right off the back, Diotraphes is doing unGodly things and saying unGodly things about and to very Godly people.

I have a question for you. Is Diotraphes a true Christian? I mean, he works in a church, right? Yea, he sure does, but if Jesus was to come, would that men be saved. Personally, I say that men had a demon in him. Not welcoming true believers into his church, and talking bad about one of the first believers to live, so that is not a Christian. Where are his Godly deeds? Jesus said a good tree must have good fruit, I see no good, but bad fruit with this man.

Diotrephes, who loves to be first“.

We as Christian’s should be last, it’s a fruit of the Christian life, called being humble, by putting ourselves as servants of all mankind. God will bless us by doing so.

Diotrephes is alive today. He is about 80 to 99% of the church, in my personal view.

I’ve seen pastors; preachers, teachers and students put people out of their church before, it made me so angry. Once a student at a church that went to my school said that if I went back to his church, I’ll get beat up. I can say that student goes to church, but has no Christian walk with God. He and I are friends now, he still goes to church, but still not living his life for God, but says that he loves God. I don’t know.

We see in our own time period, that there are false teachers everywhere. Some of the preachers on TV are false teachers, and some have big churches and others have small churches, but the one thing they have the same is the UN-Christian life, that only true believers in Christ will ever have, because the fact of the matter is that, the true church has the holy spirit and the false church has the devil and demons. They both act upon what is with their life, or what is truly controlling their soul. See, how can a Christian with the Holy Spirit, live like a person without the Holy Spirit? Is it possible? It is not possible. I’m worry that people in the church are thinking that their saved, because they preach, or say they believe in Jesus, or do something for Jesus, but the fact that they’re not saved, but try to bring down those who are saved, I’m worried for my Brother and Sisters in Christ Jesus, for I love you all, with the Godly love that is given to me, by the Holy Spirit.

I do not come to make it hard for you to enter, but to help you understand the way to enter. It’s not by faith alone, there needs to be good, Godly deeds with that faith, or you belong to the devil. Jesus truly will tell you that he never knew you, if your heart does not know him already. Repent, follow Jesus, and walk away from sin. Hear the voice of him, who has died on the cross for the sins of the world. Today, he is alive. He died and came back to life, we who follow him, will die and come back to life, we live forever, if we obey his command.