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So, part of the 2018 year, one thing I wanted to do was to find away to bring in financial resources. So I added an donation link on the menu bar.

The reason behind trying to raise financial resources…

I travel the states and preach the gospel. I buy bibles and give them to people. I buy other things to, like stamps, to stamp the ministry website onto the app. Along with doing those things, I give money to people who truly are in need and recently started planting bible studies. The first bible study was mint to be a church plant. The 2nd bible study that i’m currently planting is just an bible study, nothing to big. The reason finances be nice for the bible study is for study resources that we can give to people. Along with those things, this website cost little money to, the (.org) cost some money. I would also like to get this website more engaging, but that is going to cost little money to.

Two ways you can Help this me spread the gospel are..

  1. Donation… Easy click away, just put what you like to give and send
  2. I am partnering with a free drop-shiper, I just got to pay for the store front… I got a bunch of Christ Centered Products at …. https://supportchurchpanting.com/.. All Profit will go directly towards Reaching People for Christ. Mostly Bibles and a Bible Study.

This is Part 1 of the Newest of 2018.