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God is our Defender (Psalm – 5)

I used to get jumped after school everyday. Sometimes I would get in fights and loss. I remember once getting punched in my face and I turn and run all the way home, jumped the fence and went through the back door. My step dad started teaching me how to fight, boxing, kick boxing, I took martial arts classes. In high school, no one screwed with me. I came to school with my knuckles all bloody up and bruised. No one wanted to try to mess with me, because I looked like I was in a fight everyday. I learn to defend myself. One guy did mess with me once, and I did what I needed to do to protect myself.


This world is dangerous and we can be so focus on trying to be our own defender, and completely forget that God is our Defender. In High School, I had no idea that God was an Defending God. I thought He was a God who sat down on a thrown and waited for us to die, so we meet face to face, but was I so wrong.


(Read Psalm 5)


  1. 1-3, David cry’s out to God for his prayers to be answered. He “waits expectantly”. We need to understand that God does answer our prayers, but not on our time, but on his time. I been praying for a wife since 2013, it’s been 4 years. I wait expectantly for an wife. So Whatever your asking God for, Wait Expectantly for your prayers to be Answered! Now in this psalms, David is Praying for HELP from God. So He Waits Expectantly for HELP from God.


  1. 4-7, David is reminding himself, his reading, even God, that God is Good and will defend His people from evil. Evil is pursuing David, but God will come and defend him from the Evil. Now, Christians all over the world are being killed for their faith, so does that mean that God isn’t faithful? No, Jesus is coming back one day and the evil to Killed Christians will answer and those who died for their faith will be risen to life and live forever, Victory! So, we need to know that in the hard times, Victory is Ours, even if it doesn’t seem like it currently, because It’s all in God’s Time.


  1. 8-12 is closely the same thing as 4-7, but I would like to point out was David said in V. 8, “Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness”. We need to be following GOD. If God is Leading US, we are then Following him. We need to have an Personally Relationship with Jesus. David notes that, “Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.” V. 12


In Conclusion, We can Pray, cry out to God all day long, but we won’t hear from him unless we are following him. Following Jesus, starts with having a Personally Relationship With Jesus. That means, Reading the bible and praying directly to him daily. When You pray to Jesus, tell him about your day. Like you would if your talking to your wife or husband at the end of the day.