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pexels-photo-129112.jpegGovernment Shutdown (Psalm 9)


Yesterday was the US Government Shutdown. Last time this happened, the shutdown lasted 13 days. This time it’s happening and people in the military are wondering if they will see their pay check on this next pay day, which is 10 days away. One side blames the other side in all this mess, because no deal can be made. I’ve been watching and looking into the news on this government shutdown, because I am an US Marine and this government shutdown effects me and my brothers and sisters in the Corps. So, what does any of this have to do with Psalm 9? You came to get a Bible study lesson, not an recent news lesson. I want to point out a few things within Psalm 9 that is related to a Nation that no longer wants God in the picture.

(Read Psalm 9)


  1. 1-2 David is Praising GOD, by Thanking him directly and telling others about his deeds. From this verse, think about What God Has Done in your life. If you been walking with him for a while, you can look back and see what he has done. I look back all the time and see what GOD has done. I have an friend that she lost her job, then later on got hired to work with the CEO of a company, then she got fired again, got another job to work in another company doing something else, and now she is pursuing higher education in her career. Yeah, that doesn’t look like anything to good, but think about it, the journey she went on. She worked for a CEO, now she pursuing more education. God took her through a storm and brought her out from the other side and she has something to praise GOD for. I’m not best friends with her, so I don’t know the details, but i’m she GOD gave her some amazing details in that story. SO What Has God done for you in your life? Praise GOD and Give him Thanks!


  1. 3-5 Starts talking about the Enemies of God and of his people. “My  enemies turn back; they stumble and perish before you.” Why would I point this one verse out? Well, what happened the last 8 years of this nation’s history? The US people have rejected God. No ‘God’ in School, Pastors arrested for hate speech, churches burn down, church shootings and just to prove it the most recent act of trying to get GOD of the picture is, go stand on the street corner with a sign that says, “Jesus Loves You” and see how many cops show up on the seen to tell you that you that it’s hate speech. So my main point is that in the last 8 years, as an new generation grown up, the nation has become an enemy of God. According to Verse 3, the Enemy of God will First STUMBLE and then PERISH. The Question I will leave to you to answer would be, Is the US in its current state stumbling? If it is, it is only a matter of time before it perishes. Great Rome, Empire of the World 2000 years ago, today it’s a broken country that’s at war against itself and the people are hungry. Wasn’t it the Roman Empire that rejected Jesus and put him on the Cross? HMM, something about Rejecting God.


  1. 6-17 is simply that God will protect his people. God will help his people. His people are protected from Destruction. But If we reject him, only bad stuff will happen. Rejecting God is accepted anything that not GOD. God is HOLY and PURE, therefore we accept whatever is Evil and Sinful and that’s exactly what is going on in our world today. Why do bad things Happen to Good People. Good People have rejected God and ran to the evil and sinful way of life. God was Hanging right there in the cross the whole time, his arms open wide, saying, “IT IS FINISH” the whole time. We can either reject him or turn to room. The Cross was the turning point.


How can this Nation Get Healed from this great burden? I didn’t sit down, to write all this to waste my personal time. I got a degree to be working toward. I’m not making money off this site either, I wish I was, so PLEASE CONSIDER what I’m saying… Healing Will Only Come from Jesus. We have to turn our Hearts to Him and get plug into an local church and walk away from sinful ways that we have been following. One by one, little by little, step by step and it will grow. And if we already are believers, we need to be living out that faith we claim to have in Christ. Consider Verse 14… Whoever is pregnant with evil, conceives trouble and  gives birth to disillusionment.


It’s a Slow painful road to travel down when we chose to become Pregnant with Evil. Turn to Christ today at the Cross and let a Local Church Minister know about your decision!

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