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Are you a Blogger? Are your a Christian Blogger? I was thinking, integrate! This is idea of combining many and making whole. With more then one blogger on a site, writing about an particular topic, readers can get different views of viewing that topic, in our case, the Word of God.

Now, the idea behind Jesus Alone Saves is simple, “Jesus Alone Saves”. Everything I write about targets towards the one fact that Jesus Alone Saves. Not by Any Other Name, but by the Name of JESUS, salvation comes.

Now, By being an Guess Blogger it will help promote your blog and Most importantly it will help readers gain an greater view of the Faith that We have.

So, Big Question is, Would YOU Like to be an GUESS BLOGGER?

If so, go to the HOME PAGE, down in METE on the side bar, Create yourself an account for this website. And Send me an Message and let me Know about your Decision!

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