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Heart of Joy and Happiness (Study of James- Part 5)

Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position.” James 1:9

James says, take pride in the position that God has place on you. I personal have a great confusion on why it says to take pride, since pride is a sin. In Proverbs, it says that disgrace and destruction comes, after pride. Could James be trying to set us up to fall? No, he isn’t. This is a mistranslation, the only bible to my knowledge with the right translation or a better translation, is the King James Bible, in it, it says to be happy in your position, in which you are in.

Why should we be happy, if we are either poor or rich, low or high?(Says “position”, can take it as you wish).

  • Reasons…
  1. God has given this position to you. You’re the perfect person for that job. 
  1. We won’t be in this position for long. One day we all we die and our position won’t be ours anymore.


The bible in lot of places warns the rich man. That’s seen 2 ways.

  • Ways…
  1. People who are making millions a year. 
  1. People who are of this world and don’t follow the Will of God. 

I believe when the bible speaks of the rich man (as in Woman or Men;Man), it is talking about the one who is of this world and have not turn their life to Christ. I believe that, because there are few rich people who love and are sold out to God. Example, Christian actors, singers, the Governor of Texas (Rick Perry), loves Jesus. He always talking about him, in God ways and prays in Jesus name for this nation. So just because you have money don’t mean you’re not Christian. So the Rich man is refering the this evil world.

I also believe that God calls rich people to be poor, and follow him and not money. There is a Story in Bible, a Rich man asked Jesus, who he has to do to get saved, he followed all the law perfectly, Jesus said, sell everything you have and give the money to the poor, but the rich men had great wealth, left sad.

Remember where-ever, I mean, where-ever you are in life, God has you there for a reason. He created you and in that house and with that family and your skills and your life is made perfect with Jesus, if you give him your life, he’ll lead you to where he wants you and not where you want you. The position that God put you in, is the same position that he wants you in.

I tried and tried, over and over, again and again, to get to where I am right now, by myself, but not until I turned to Jesus, nothing happened. So be happy in the spot you’re at right now. God has you in the right place in life and no one but God and you, can take you out of that place. If you leave where God put’s you he is always there waiting, waiting for you to return.