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We see Mary is pregnant and Joseph was found helpless, thinking that his wife cheated on him, so Joseph planned to divorce Mary. But God came in, he brought with him 2 thing’s,

1) Understanding

2) Hope

In what ways?

1) Hope for Joseph’s relationship with (his soon to be wife) Mary.

2) Understanding why she is Pregnant and what for.

3) Hope for a Savior of the world.

Do you notice how God had a plan going on and who was the last to know about it? Joseph. He didn’t find out about it, until he was worry. Until everything seemed hopeless. Then, God came and gave light to the whole situation. God isn’t going to let you worry about something. Everything is so small to God, yet so big to you and me.

We see something else important from this passage. Joseph was going to divorce Mary. It wasn’t the plan of God for that to happen. So God step in and told Joseph what was going on. GOD isn’t going to let his plan fail. His plan will happen, and he calls his own people to obey him and trust in him, so he can make thing’s happen.

What have we learn?

1) God has understanding when we don’t have understanding.

2) God has a hope, when we have no hope.

3) We need to trust God (also trust in God), so we can be-able to follow into a life with him of obedience to God.


Have you trusted in Jesus?

Jesus is the only way to Heaven. You must deny yourself and follow Jesus Christ. The Messiah. He was born not to give a kid to Mary, but that he might save the people from their sin’s. Would you come to Christ today?

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