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Many Christians have a mind-set, “read the bible, pray, worship”. What does this even do for you?

Ask yourself…

  • Why are you praying?
  • Why are you worshiping?
  • Why are you reading this book called “The Holy Bible”?

Praying, worshiping and reading the bible daily is very important. Since we have said that we will follow God. We begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. YES, You are in a relationship with JESUS, the one living God.

When we read the bible, we need to take what the bible says very carefully and apply it to our life. This is hard for many Christians who have not been in the faith for long time, but I beg you all in Christ. Begin to read the bible and apply it to your life daily. Because this will make you holy and pure for the day of the Lord.

God gave us his word. To help us grow and mature in the faith. We need to take advantage of it and forget about this world that just going to pass away.

When we read the bible. We need to look at our life. I’m going to be truthful. Whatever Good is in you, means nothing is evil is alone the side of it. Get ride of all evilness, put on the goodness of God. I’m not going to be like TV preachers to make you feel good about yourself. The church needs to step up a be the light of the world.