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It was easy road the go for John and Jesus. John gave up everything for Jesus and Jesus gave up everything for John. John in this sense, to be the church, me and you, if you are saved by the grace of God, then we should be giving up everything for him who is and for ever will be praised. If you are new to the study, please turn to Matthew 4:1-11.

Jesus came down from his throne as God. We see Jesus do this in old testament as well. Anytime in old testament that is talks about “seeing God’s face” or that men like saw God. You see this from the book of Genesis to the last book of the bible in Revelation. Jews never understood that God could become like me and you, human beings. But we see it, Jesus with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. But, Jesus who is God but in human form, came down to the earth and humble himself, and now before he starts his ministry on earth, he will allow the devil to test him 3 times, to prove that Jesus is without sin and nothing can make him fall, because if the devil can’t make him fall, then no human can either.

So Jesus is in the heat, starving so much. He hasn’t eaten nothing for a long period of time. Think about if you was at in the heat for 40 days and nights, with only water, men that right there is crazy, you be wanting some food right about now, right? No one is going to say no, right? Well the devil came when he was weak and hungry and try to deceive Jesus by getting him to turn rocks into some bread. Bread sounds good right about now. But Jesus didn’t give in. In our personal life, mean, the devil going to get us when we are weak, and try deceive us, but we need to do what Jesus did and remember, “Men shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”. God gave us his word, the Bible and his Living Word, Jesus. We need to hold on to them two things in our personally, business, relationship, etc. walks in this world and it will take us a long way.

Now, here it goes, the devil didn’t get Jesus, Jesus just goes ahead and uses the word of God to push the devil away, but the devil got his ways to, by using God’s word against God himself. In this walk with Christ, we need to remember that devil will do ANYTHING to get you to “throw yourself down”. Don’t fall for it. The devil knows God’s word and that is way we need to read God’s word daily.

This is a good one, that the devil loves to put on christians, leadership jobs. The devil will try anything to make you sin in your place of work, to help you get to the top. Give what devil wants and devil give you what you want, but the bible says humble yourself before all people and God and God will uplift you. Know what though, don’t “bow down” but tell him what Jesus said, that your serve and worship God alone. Who is the devil to receive Glory? The one who made sickness and sin and death. He receives nothing but the lack of fire.

So there are 3 main ways that the devil will attack you…Health, Power and using the very word of God to deceive you or trick you.

Has he got me on these things? No because I’m perfect. No, humble I say, I have fail short. But I learn not to next time. The devil has try with me on money, mostly the money. But I’m learning to resist. On leadership spots in jobs, and different things, devil try to get me, but I’m smarter than him, and you can be to, it’s called picking up the bible and slowly walking with God, no matter what the future looks like. I believe god promise me kids and a wife and my future looks like I’m gonna die before I’m 22, but just have to hold on to the promise of God.