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Really fast, I’m reading an book called “Walk With God”. Here is an importain teaching and understand I love to share.

“Case in point: Sunday School. If you look at church buildings of
two hundred years ago, you will notice there is very little room for
classrooms. They were not needed. The spiritual education of
children was thought to be the responsibility of parents. The
church played the support role. Sunday school was actually
started back in the early 1800’s as a outreach to children whose
parents did not go to church. Children of parents who did go to
church were expected to be taught and led by their own parents.
But over the last 200 years, Sunday School became the system
of spiritual education for all children. As the Sunday School did
more, it might be argued that the parents did less.”

Mommy and Daddy has an job to raise their kid’s rightly in the lord. First your Dad, if he is saved, he is leader, so Daddy you are Pastor Daddy of your family, and if your daddy isn’t saved, then I hope your Mommy is, because she would have to be teacher Mommy.

Get to idea? Stop using the church. Open the bible and get real ya.