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Why Church Plant?

Church attendance in decreasing and the number of young adults attending a church or reading the bible is being shaken. The most reasonable since of the word, it would be foolish to plant a church in the sociality we are living in today. It’s just a bad investment, because no one goes to the ones that are already planted, why would they attend a new church plant?

The truth is, this isn’t a money making business. It’s a people relationship one by one making community. People now day’s go to Starbucks, sport effects, join companies like Herbalife and Primerica. People have this inner desire in them to be part of social gatherings. So they join a gym and pay this membership fee. Companies have done a study and people tend to be more motivated when they are around other people and not just by themselves. In a Biblical understanding, God made us to have communicating with each other. People in today’s sociality have exchanged communicating with believers, for a gym membership. The idea that people are joining these other thing’s is being they fill a messing piece in their life and that is Christ, but they haven’t try church, but everything exempt stepping foot into an church.

  • The way this church plant will work is first we need to raise enough money to buy a house. The reason behind buying a house and not just renting some place out is because a lot of church plants fail due to finance issues. If we start this church plant with buying a house, which we will virtually eliminate any chances of losing the building itself and can make it where we are more focus on people than money. That’s the main key factor for the Church Plant starting as a house. Also it’s biblical, the early church started in houses.
  • Once starting the church plant, we are going to reach the surrounding houses in the neighborhood and invite them to a Bible Study on one night of the Week and once the church starts growing in membership and regular attendance we will start regular Sunday Morning Services, right from the house.
  • The main mission of this plant is reach people who are not reached. Teach them the word of God and help grow disciples for Christ. We will also be looking for people who have the calling of God on their life to Pastoral Ministry and provide them with Free Ministry Training through an Accrediting Bible School. Where these people will learn Pastoral Ministry. They will go out from there and start a church and reach and teach and help grow people in Christ and also open the door for people to become leaders and church planters.

This sounds unbelievable, but it’s not. God is outstretch in what he can and have and will do in this ministry. We currently do have connection with a free ministry training school. Along with 6 years’ experience in reaching people for Christ all over the web and the State of Texas and Oklahoma. The goal now is go physically into the world and plant the church, physically minister to people and reach the unreached people for Christ.

We are asking for donations in reach this goal of $100,000.00 in the Next 3 Months. Let’s get the Word Out and let’s start a church together. One person can’t do this on their own, not even a team of 3 unless they were very blessed, but we as a communicating of God’s people, can do unimaginable thing’s together. We know that God’s Work isn’t in vine, but everything goes forth to fulfill his purpose and calling for people’s lives.

Ephesians 3:20-21 (HCSB)


“Now to Him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us— to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”