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Life’s Two Roads (Psalms 1)


Growing up me and my older brother where best friend’s. We played together in the back-yard and road our bikes together, walked to school together, did everything together, even when I was 11 and he was 14, we went to see the same PO together. Doing things together was normal. One day something abnormal happened, I went to the church one sunday morning 2.6 miles from my house, walking, and within weeks, I gave my life to God. I went one direction in life and my brother never followed, he continue down the path that he went down. Stick with me and i’ll tell you how this story ends.


The passage we are going to be looking at is Psalms 1. Now we can get deep into the theological and historical roots of this passage, but it’s not really going to matter much. I just want to focus on just the meaning behind this passage. Not so much why it was written, but for what it’s talking about mainly.  I think we can get side-tracked trying to figure out what X stands for, when we are looking at Y and Z. Let’s focus on X for now. As in, lets focus on the meaning of this passage.


(Read Psalms 1) – 5 Minutes


We see this passage is talking about 2 different people. A “Blessed” person and a “Wicked” person. V. 1 and V. 4. We see detailed information about each person.


Blessed Person

  1. Doesn’t do the things that sinners do. For example, Stealing, Lying, cheating, murder, etc. Anything that breaks the law of God, “10 commandments”. V. 1
  2. Spends time in the bible and in prayer, not just on sunday morning. This should be a regular thing that should be done. V. 2
  3. They grow stronger in many areas of their lives. V. 3

Wicked Person

  1. Unuseful. That’s that best way for me to say what V. 4 is say
  2. Won’t be saved. V. 5


In verse 6, it’s a promise that God is watching over his people, but not watching over those who rejected him.


When we read about the Blessed Person, we can get this feeling inside our gut, that we don’t measure up to that standard. Just right off the bat, we read that they are blameless. So we begin to wonder, how can me a sinner, measure up to a righteous person? The answer is that you can’t. We are all doomed to destruction. But, I have good news. Jesus was perfect. Jesus paid the price for our sin, when he died on that cross, he said, “It is Finish!” and he mint it. We can’t ever get to a place of righteousness on our own. Romans 1:17 “For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.”


First Receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, 2nd pick up an Bible and read it, 3rd connect to an local church and get help to grow in your new found faith, 4th Don’t walk back into sin, but continue to walk towards God. It just starts with an Prayer, close your eyes and just say, “Dear God, Here I am, Save me”.  Or say whatever is on my heart. If your angry at God, tell him. Our God is personal and loves you and will hear you when you call to him. He will answer.


I said I would end the story. My brother is serving time right now, on his like 3rd federal change or something. He is always going in and out of jail. Me on the other hand. I do investments in real estate, have a 401k, savings, nice car, I was an head manager, but now i’m in the US Marines. God has PROSPER my life, just like V. 3 says about the Blessed Person.


Any questions, free to ask below.